Scandinavian interior: 12 simple rules

The image of the Scandinavian interior has become an ideal for a whole generation born at the turn of the century: it combines an airy sense of style, ethical rules and the ability to live in comfort. Many people have an idea of ​​the values ​​of Scandinavian design – however, few realize how convenient this aesthetic is in life, and not just in photography. Vintage chairs made from raw wood are not just beautiful, they are comfortable to sit on. The neutral color palette conveys the nature of natural light, while the eclectic mix of items usually reflects the history of the home owner. Scandinavians focus primarily on the person and his needs – which means that this style will not go out of fashion.  

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There is a simple set of rules that allow you to easily turn your home into a kind of Scandinavian – for example, some real estate agencies that specialize in the most beautiful offers in Stockholm (for example, like Fantastic Frank) offer a kind of cheat sheets on how to equip a truly Scandinavian interior.

. Paint with shades of white and gray

Scandinavian homes appear minimalist, clean and light-filled thanks to a unifying white, cream and gray color palette. You can go further than just painting a room white. Accent trim, ceiling and baseboard with different shades of neutrals. And then add character to the interior with furniture and décor, like a slightly worn vintage rug and a modern copper pendant light.

2. Light matters most

Sometimes you walk into a room and feel that something is not right – most likely it is the balance of straight and curved lines. Therefore, when creating your home, pay attention to contrasting lines and shapes in space. In well-decorated Scandinavian rooms, the straight lines of bookshelves, desks and sofas contrast with the organic lines of accessories. Simple shapes work well in natural light – and the more of it, the better. Natural light does not need unnecessary barriers in the form of heavy curtains, and distribute artificial light in such a way as to create maximum comfort at different times of the day.

3.  Use glass partitions

The minimum size of the room should not limit your style. Get creative and, for example, install glass partitions. They visually divide the space and allow you to create a feeling of a larger area. With such partitions it is easy to single out the bedroom, to isolate the kitchen from the living room. At the same time, the rhythm and size of the valves are important – it’s good if the rectangles repeat the proportions of the room.

4.  Add Large Plants 

A crisp white color palette and minimalist black and white furniture can make a room feel like a “clean lab”. In this case, you should think about how to soften the interior and place a large plant or tree in it. However, it is important not to overdo it with landscaping. A rough denim bag, a concrete planter, or a crumpled paper bag wrapped around the pot will enhance the effect of a man-made home interior.

5.  Natural textures

Scandinavians draw inspiration from nature decor, which means their color palette often reflects the landscape. When planning wall coverings, associations with the serene blue fjord and green meadows, as well as with natural materials, should arise in the memory: in the interior it can look like deliberately “wrinkled” bed linen and untreated light wood.

6.  Decorate your home with objects of different heights

Scandinavians are masters of creating a perfectly balanced interior, where objects of different shapes and materials are combined. They follow two key rules when decorating chests of drawers, consoles and shelves: items should be of different heights, and they should fit with your personality and sense of style. Items are grouped together so that the décor seems carefully chosen and the interior is uncluttered.

7.  Balcony – part of the living space

Scandinavians are accustomed to living in small spaces and have learned to make the most of every inch, including the coveted outdoor areas. Make the most of your balcony by hanging a hammock in the corner, arranging plants and decorating it with durable, natural materials such as a woven jute pouffe. The balcony is the second living room, albeit a small one.

8.  Every centimeter matters

Bring the same philosophy found on balconies indoors and explore the possibilities of each room that are not being fully exploited. Is there a blank wall near the front door? Add eye-catching hooks for bags and coats. Is there room above the doorway? Extend the bookshelves to create a single shelving unit.

9.  Appreciate The Void

Scandinavians are creative about maximizing their space, but they also appreciate the elegant simplicity of an empty wall. This tiny bedroom would have looked overly cluttered, so the owners decided to add color with linens and leave the walls blank to better reflect natural light.

10.  Use sustainable materials

Do you feel like your space looks too harsh or unattractive? Balance the harsh lines of the furniture with accessories made from natural materials, such as a jute rug, flower baskets, and woven and wooden pendant lights. In a Scandinavian interior, plywood, ceramics, linen, concrete, and metals are always appropriate. It’s all about their dosage.

11.  Old and new

Interior designers know that decorating a home is a special job, and if every piece of furniture and accessory is brand new, it runs the risk of looking far-fetched or making the interior look like a trade show booth. Instead, furniture should tell the story of those who use it. The living room achieves its effect by combining vintage and new décor using different materials such as raw wood or brushed brass. Nothing decorates the interior like a piece of the author’s design.

12.  Leave the floorboards unfinished

Lightwood is often found in Danish and Swedish homes. It pairs well with a light color palette and adds natural texture to a white space. Opt for unpolished wood floorboards and use natural imperfections to create a cozy, fuss-free room. And, let’s add, waste of money.

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