White living room: 55 Ideas

For many, a white living room is not the most practical option, but meanwhile one of the most sought-after in interior design.

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“White color clarifies and emphasizes any architectural idea,” says architect Richard Meier. — It is this color that makes it possible to show the difference between any type of surface: dense and translucent. Between linear and curved elements, and between open and closed architecture. This is true for interiors as well. Designers and decorators actively use white color in their living room interior projects, regardless of their area and budget.

A white apartment seems to be filled with light and air, light walls make it visually larger – especially important for modest-sized spaces. White is universal. Its shades are used in classic interiors with stucco decor and in modern minimalist spaces, such as Scandinavian or Japanese.

Mathieu Lehanneur created a living room for reflection by immersing his mind in the signs and symbols of secret societies.

The white living room is ideal for collectors. So, white color prevails in the spacious apartment of Roland Dewulf located in the most expensive quarter of Brussels. “It’s fresh, youthful – and hygienic,” he says. In addition, the white color of the walls creates the perfect backdrop for art, furniture, and accessories without drawing attention to itself. “Over the past thirty years, I have changed my place of residence many times, but all my havens have a similar character: it is a white cube, which I actively fill with colored furniture and art,” comments architect Teresa Sapey. A win-win base makes it easy to transform a boring interior by simply replacing the decor.

The interior of a white living room can be monochrome: it is chosen by those who want not only the body but also the eyes to rest. Light walls are combined with a light ceiling and flooring, and furniture is added in natural neutral shades – gray, sand, and cream – creating a comfortable, enveloping space. In order not to get bored, they use materials with different textures: natural stone with an expressive pattern or its imitation, wood with its “imperfections”, such as saw cuts from knots, and a variety of textiles: from dense upholstery fabrics to light and flying curtains on the windows.

At the same time, a white living room can be bright if you use furniture and decor in bright colors: rich colors will “light up” even more against a light background, but the interior will not seem overloaded. And black graphic details – for example, window and door frames, thin furniture legs, and lamp hangers – will add contrast and “gather” a too-relaxed space into a single whole.

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