Natural Minimalism in the Interior

Green accents and textures of natural materials helped Zrobim architects to create a cozy interior that feels close to nature.

“This apartment belongs to a young couple who work in IT. Customers spend a lot of time at home, so we needed to make the space equally comfortable for both leisure and work,” says the Zrobim architects team.

“We divided the entire space of 120 sq.m into three rooms: a spacious kitchen-living room, a bedroom with access to a glassed-in loggia, and an office that could become a nursery in the future. The entire interior is made in light colors, but we highlighted some areas in black. So, we made the central part of the kitchen black, organically fitting the sink, hob, and all the necessary appliances there. One of the walls of the living room, which houses the piano and storage systems, is made in the same shade.

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“The most important and interesting solution in the apartment is the cube, located in the center of the common space. The design performs several functions at once: from the side of the hallway there is a wardrobe for outerwear, and from the side of the living room – a workplace. Thanks to the mirror facades, which reflect almost the entire room, the cube acts as both a zoning and a unifying element.”

“In the bedroom, a large double bed on the podium attracts attention – this was one of the main wishes of the customers. The color of the podium was not chosen by chance: a pleasant green tree supports the natural orientation of the interior and creates a soft, calming atmosphere. From the bedroom, you can go to the loggia, where we organized a relaxation area with an easy chair, a large TV, and a video game console.

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