Gerard Faivre about luxury real estate and the idea of ​​art homes

Gerard Faivre has dozens of first-class interiors to his credit, many of which are published on the Minimalism website. According to professionals, Faivre made a revolution in the Parisian housing market, more precisely, in its top segment: he does not undertake anything else. 

“Luxury housing is first and foremost the right address. As well as space, large meters. Therefore, I work exclusively within the Golden Triangle, formed in Paris by three streets: Champs Elysees, Avenue Montaigne, and Avenue George V. I choose only historical houses with good architecture: high ceilings, large rooms, and windows of good proportions.

The dressing room, bedroom, and bathroom form a beautiful enfilade. 
A JNL armchair, an EGE gingham rug, and a leather pouf in the center set the tone – the upholstery accentuates sensual, feminine shapes. 
Bitossi ceramics on the Porada mirror table.

My large-scale project is called art homes. Its essence is that I buy a home, restore, modernize, furnish, decorate and put it up for sale again. Houses and apartments are completely ready for life: they can be settled in at the same second as the contract is signed. I think through everything, down to the doorknob. My clients are sophisticated people with good taste who take care of themselves and do not want to get involved in the long process of restructuring that is inevitable when you buy property in France.

In each of the projects, I put all my rich experience, both in the field of expensive real estate, and in architecture and decor. I invest exclusively my own funds, that is, as if I were making a house for myself. I cooperate with artists and sculptors – this increases the uniqueness of housing. I try never to repeat myself, not to copy myself. The worst thing I can imagine in a nightmare: someone looks at my interior and after a couple of seconds exclaims: I recognize the hand of Gerard Fevre. I want to surprise and entertain. Thus, in his recent work on the Rue, Lincoln was inspired by the world of Haute Couture, bearing in mind that the nearby Avenue Montaigne with its boutiques is one of the main points of Parisian haute couture. “Lace” on the walls of the bathroom refers to the work of Balenciaga and Chantal Thomass, upholstery in small cells and houndstooth make you think of Chanel and Dior, the wall of the dining room is decorated with a photo of the Christian Lacroix studio, and the dressing room is designed as a fitting room of an expensive atelier: with a chic chandelier, mirrors , mannequins.

The bedroom is preceded by a small hall. 
Febvre decorated the walls and the door with Madone embossed wallpaper by Elitis. 
They are a modern imitation of classic upholstery with capitonné quilting. 
Ege carpet on the floor.

 Creating a variety of rooms, each time I act in a similar way: I determine the central element and build the interior around it. I like to give old places a modern touch. My path is a marriage of ancient architecture and contemporary things, authentic historical style and the latest comfort. 

Numerous details hint at the relationship of the project with the world of haute couture.

Deeply convinced that life with color is more beautiful than without, I dare to fill my interiors with paint. However, I concentrate them rather in accents, and I prefer a restrained basis. Experience in the fashion industry (I ran the family clothing factory for fifteen years) taught me the rules for handling color, but above all, I am guided by instinct. Interior design, like high fashion, is highly influenced by color trends. Fashion trends are generally a great source of inspiration, they often help you make the right choice. However, when you make your apartment, you should ask yourself the question: do you really admire this or that shade, or do you blindly follow fashion? In the second case, you may be soon disappointed.

The luxurious level of the apartment is largely achieved through the finishes: for example, the combination of Carrara marble and Corian in the bathroom is very modern in spirit. Crocodile-effect concrete is a great antithesis to more traditional materials. All upholstered furniture that I purchase for the property, I reupholster to my own taste in order to achieve a sense of integrity of the project.

On the wall is a painting by Falter II by M. Ardeleanu, Oneiro Galerie (Paris). 
Under it is a sofa, diz. 
N. Zupank, Sé London. 
Febvre upholstered the modern model with Splendido Smoke velvet from Dedar. 
Carpet Sahrai.

From my own experience, I was convinced that when creating luxury apartments, one cannot save on two points: the air conditioning system and acoustic systems. If you want to achieve the perfect result – put the best. Moreover, it is necessary to equip not only the living room and office with first-class sound, but also the bedroom and bathroom.

Project author Gerard Febvre poses in an armchair designed by Niki Zupanc.

It is incredibly important how the entrance hall is decorated. For me, this is important, because in this room the first contact of a potential buyer with the place takes place, he must immediately consider the level of the project. But in all other cases, the hall or hallway is the key room that forms the impression of the owners. Think about how you would like people to perceive you.

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