Apartment in the colors of Morandi

PropertyLab+art combines a real estate agency, a design bureau, and a contemporary art gallery. Its specialists offer an integrated approach that is new for the Russian market: they find housing, restore and carry out repairs if necessary, and fill it with art and design. The head of the company Dmitry Kuznetsov tells about an example – apartments on Prechistenskaya embankment. 

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“A modern building with an unusual facade, a club mansion, was built by the Ostozhenka architectural bureau. Among ourselves, we call this project “Apartment in the colors of Morandi”. It so happened that when the customer contacted us, there was an exhibition of this artist in Moscow and we were very impressed by it. Entering the apartment with huge panoramic windows overlooking the river and the New Tretyakov Gallery, we immediately decided that the future interior should not distract from the beautiful views and the restrained palette of Giorgio Morandi is very suitable for this.”

“This project is an investment project. The customer requested to increase its liquidity. Total area 130 sq. m. Having arranged the main spaces in the apartments, we left some free. The future owner will be able to determine their purpose and content himself. We provided several types of lighting, both technical and decorative, using vintage Italian glass lamps. The built-in Bose system is controlled by your mobile phone and allows you to enjoy your favorite music in different rooms. The sliding partitions in the bedroom bathroom are made of smart glass and allow you to admire the view from the window while lying in the bathroom, or become impenetrable, allowing you to retire.

B&B Italia sofa, chairs. 
On the wall is the work of Fedor Petryk (gallery partnergallery.com). 
Floor lamp: Stilnovo, 1970s. 
Mobilidea tables.

 “We always strive to be in harmony with the atmosphere of the building and its history. Therefore, as a starting point, we used the concept of finishing the entrance group and common areas – similar materials are used in the interior. The view of the museum, which exhibits the art of the XX-XXI century, inspired the design of the apartments with contemporary art. The result is a modern space that can easily be transformed to suit any taste.”

PropertyLab+art specialists know how to increase the liquidity of housing. Here is what Dmitry Kuznetsov advises. “Location is paramount. But there are other factors as well. High-quality finishing materials, good plumbing, electrics, and an expensive kitchen equipped with advanced appliances are required – everything that remains in the apartment for a long time must function flawlessly. Additional “chips” in the form of built-in music systems are welcome.

Bed Lema. 
Cabinet Arketipo. 
On the wall is the work of Evgenia Buravleva (Kovcheg gallery). 
On the windowsill there is a sculpture of Lyudmila Krutikova.

In addition, our plans for electricians include the ability to transfer devices in the future, connecting them in any convenient place. If someone wants to combine the space of the living room-kitchen with the next room, the walls are made in such a way that this is easy to do. When developing design in investment projects, we try not to impose a certain direction so that the future owner can easily transform the interior in accordance with his taste preferences. As in this case, we do not complicate the walls with wallpaper: they have paint on them, the color of which is easy to change.

“If the customer expresses a desire, we will offer him works of art that will be close and interesting to him. We have more than 80 artists and sculptors in our virtual gallery alone. We also cooperate with foreign galleries, including Metro Pictures in New York, Paris, London. We have truly unlimited possibilities in choosing the works of both Russian and foreign authors.”

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