Ideal gazebo 430 ft² for a family holiday

Designer Anastasia Ufimtseva designed a multifunctional gazebo of 40 sq. m(430 ft2), which has everything you need for a comfortable stay – a kitchen and dining area for large companies, a bar, and a place to watch movies or play chess.

The pride of customers is the presence of a hearth in the kitchen area. This is a real stove where you can cook dishes on fire. In the firewood shed there are logs of golden alder, which the customer’s father prepared in a special way. “This choice was not made by chance, because alder firewood is often called royal firewood. They dry as quickly as possible and at the same time retain their pleasant aroma. Alder heats up quickly and easily, and most importantly, it gives a lot of heat,” says the designer.

Sliding glass doors of the gazebo can be opened or closed depending on the season and the weather outside. In the open state, they literally allow you to let the landscape into the room, so harmoniously the gazebo fits into the surrounding space of the site.

Visually, everything in the interior is combined in terms of graphics and color, textures, and mood. Chairs and tables made of teak can be moved around depending on what activities will be involved at a particular moment.

Natural shades with textures of stone and wood are complemented by bright accents in the decor. An oxskin carpet with a geometric pattern became an accent and gathered a soft seating area into a single composition.

The most important thing about our X that it is for
those who are in a hurry

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