How to create a comfortable dressing room in the apartment

Together with the designers, we tell you what nuances you need to take into account in order to correctly organize a room for storing clothes and shoes.

Creating a dressing room is one of the main steps toward the rational use of space in the house. Such a room will significantly save space in the apartment by replacing bulky cabinets.

Designers told how to create a stylish dressing room at home.

Why do you need a dressing room?

“Firstly, the dressing room allows you to allocate space for storing a large number of things, separating it from the sleeping area. Secondly, to distribute things by category and importance (quick access to outerwear, bags, shoes, accessories, as well as storage of bed linen and accessories). This not only saves you time every day but also allows you to make the bedroom “cleaner”, without bulky wardrobes, which has a positive effect on the quality of your rest,” comments Ksenia Bobrikova, head of the Xenia Design Studio.

There is a stereotype that a dressing room is a sign of some kind of large housing, a large apartment or house. However, even in small apartments with an area of ​​​​35-40 square meters wardrobe system is quite appropriate and saves space, says the founder and head of the interior design studio “Descartes Design” Andrey Bubnov. “When all the storage places are in one place, it is very convenient, all things are visually arranged, and they are easier to organize than in a closet. That is why dressing rooms are so popular all over the world. For example, in private homes in the United States, cabinets are extremely rare, and wardrobes are almost always used. They provide a common large dressing room, and in each bedroom a smaller personal one, ”said Bubnov.

Area and layout

The area of ​​​​the dressing room should be at least 2.3–2.5 square meters. m, but at least 4 sq. m, there is no upper limit, says the founder of Descartes Design. He clarified that the most convenient arrangement of racks and shelves inside the dressing room is U-shaped, while the depth of racks for clothes should be at least 55 cm.

For several years now, open wardrobes have been in trend, they stylishly fit into the interior, notes Maria Petrova, founder of the wardrobe brand RobeGarder. However, according to her, some prefer the old-fashioned closed storage areas so as not to show off their warehouse of things.

Dressing room materials

What the furniture in the dressing room will be made of depends on the budget and preferences. “It is better to focus on natural materials, the most expensive will be solid wood, and more budgetary – MDF and laminated chipboard. Connoisseurs of minimalism will suit metal modules, but here you should pay attention to the strength of the fittings. Mesh wardrobes are most often made of metal. The advantage here is durability and environmental friendliness. In addition, they can be repeatedly swapped and even repainted in a different color,” recommended Irina Abramova, designer of the Balcon studio.

If there is no money for natural stone and wood, consider alternative options. Now the market offers many materials that have good strength and are visually attractive, Abramova advises.

In 2023, aluminum, glass, veneer, leather, and ceramics will be in trend to create wardrobes, said Maria Petrova, founder of the wardrobe brand RobeGarder. However, according to her, when choosing a dressing room design, it is important to take into account its design – compartments, shelves, fittings, and not the beauty of the materials.

Functional areas

The founder of RobeGarder recommends dividing wardrobes into four functional areas:

  • long outerwear. To do this, we fix the bar at a distance of 1.5 m from the floor;
  • short clothes. For it, we make a zone with a barbell of about 1 m;
  • upstairs – a zone of headwear and accessories;
  • Below is a shoe area. If desired, we complete other niches, based on the personality of the owner of the apartment.

Dressing room in the bedroom

If the bedroom is small, then mesh structures are suitable for creating a dressing room in it. “They won’t take up much space thanks to the absence of fronts, doors and rear walls. At the same time, they can be adapted to any space (for example, non-standard layout or even very cramped ones). In addition, they are well ventilated, thanks to which they do not accumulate a lot of dust,” comments Ksenia Bobrikova. She also advised to fence off the dressing room with curtains, the color of which can be changed at any time, or transparent sliding doors.

If you have an elongated bedroom, then you can give part of the area at the entrance for a dressing room, but you should not make blank massive walls, the founder and head of Descartes Design recommend. According to him, they can be made of glass or combined, then the whole structure will not seem massive. “I will separately touch on fashionable dressing rooms behind transparent glass. I try not to offer these to my customers. They are good only on visualizations and in empty showrooms. If you are not an aesthete or a perfectionist who hangs your clothes according to the color scheme, then the result will look unaesthetic and, most likely, will disappoint, ”said the designer.

Dressing room in a separate room

If the apartment has a pantry or other small room, it is more convenient to make a dressing room in it. In addition, for storing clothes and shoes, you can allocate and fence off space in any room, for example, in a spacious living room. To do this, it is worth isolating the room with a wall of drywall.

“In a separate dressing room, it is better to make cabinets up to the ceiling. Thus, with the right arrangement of shelving, you can maximize the use of space and more comfortably accommodate all things, including an artificial Christmas tree, skis, snowboard, suitcases. At the same time, it should be ensured that there is no moisture there, the air is not stale and odors do not stagnate, it is necessary to provide for ventilation – either natural or forced (using a fan). To save space and make the dressing room space and around it stylish, you can put sliding or sliding doors, an excellent solution would be to use mirrored doors, they will also replace the mirror, or you can put glass doors, it will look stylish and not bulky, ”advises Bubnov.

You need to know what you will store in the dressing room, make a detailed list, and measure the length of clothes, advises Ksenia Bobrikova. “The more detailed this list is, the more convenient it will be to use your dressing room. In my practice, dressing rooms are divided into seasonal, men’s and women’s, children’s, guest rooms, etc. There are dressing rooms for sports, hunting, and fishing. It depends on the hobbies and hobbies of the clients,” the designer summed up.

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