Fireplace for the home: 6 solutions for every taste

Gas, electric, or decorative? We talk about these and other fireplaces that will perfectly fit into the interior.

1. Gas fireplace

Gas fireplaces are technically quite demanding because they need a chimney or a special case with an outlet in one way or another. Since gas is a combustible substance and all standards must be met when working with it, the participation of licensed gas workers will be required. But, if you really want a living warmth in your home, these conventions will seem like a mere trifle.

A gas fireplace of any size and style can be installed both in a special niche and autonomously anywhere in the room.

2. Bio fireplace

A bio fireplace is a technological marvel suitable for any, even the smallest apartment. In fact, it is a simplified alternative to the hearth with a real flame formed as a result of the combustion of biofuels. However, the product of combustion is not smoke with soot and soot, but pure water vapor, so such a fireplace does not need a chimney at all.

Bio fireplaces are also good because, due to their technical unpretentiousness, they can be installed in any part of the room, whether it is a niche, wall, floor or even the surface of furniture. Needless to say, they are protected by heat-resistant glass and are completely safe for children and animals. And externally, such a fireplace can both imitate a real classic brother and be made in a modern style.

3. Pellet fireplace

Pellet fireplaces, run on special fuel pellets made of recycled wood. Outwardly, such a fireplace is similar to the classic version, but it functions a little differently: it works with the help of a microprocessor, which regulates the supply of fuel and air, and in case of danger, immediately stops the burner. A person participates in the control of a pellet fireplace only by loading pellets into a special container and adjusting the power level, mode and time of burning.

At the moment, a pellet fireplace can lose to other analogs only in that its cost is very high, and the raw material market is not yet very developed. But it is quite possible that the future belongs to him.

4. Electric Fireplace

The principle of operation of an electric fireplace is based on the visualization of the flame (without the combustion process). Thanks to this, the electric fireplace is completely safe and environmentally friendly, but at the same time remains a real source of heat due to the heating elements. Versatility, moderate cost, and the ability to customize the effects make the electric fireplace one of the most common and acceptable options for a city apartment.

To make an electric fireplace look as realistic as possible, it can be decorated with real logs and paraphernalia.

5. Wood Fired Stove

The Wood Fired Stove is a sister of the fireplace, but it is still slightly different from it in design and principle of operation and is also considered safer due to the lockable firebox. For all these reasons, a modern stove is better suited for a city apartment than a fireplace.

The stove heats the room thanks to the energy released during combustion: it accumulates first in the walls of the stove, and then the walls and the stove chimney heat the room. Therefore, the decorative design of the stove in the form of brickwork or special blocks suitable for the modern style of the interior will also serve a good service in heating.

6. Decorative fireplace

A false fireplace is an imitation of a real fireplace insert, a kind of decorative element of the interior. However, with competent execution and décor, it will become a wonderful accent in the interior. Such an analog of a fireplace can be either purchased ready-made or made yourself from plasterboard, polyurethane or brick. Inside a false fireplace, real logs or a composition of candles will look great.

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