Cozy apartment: bright eco-style interior for mother and daughter

The warm, light, inviting interior of an apartment for a small family is a free improvisation of the designer on the themes of the European urban landscape and eco-style.

This interior is designed for a family of two: a middle-aged mother and a 16-year-old daughter. In their free time, energetic owners like to travel around Europe and are also fond of winter (alpine skiing, snowboarding) and summer (roller skating) sports. Also, the daughter has pronounced artistic abilities, and the mother is seriously engaged in Argentine tango.

Wishes of customers

Both hostesses needed their own room, as well as a well-equipped common area where they could socialize and arrange gatherings with relatives and friends. For example, the eldest daughter and grandparents often come to visit. Another request: provide a place to store a large number of dishes.


No major redevelopment was required. All partitions in the apartment are load-bearing and are not subject to demolition. The only minor change was the relocation of the doorway leading from the hallway to the living room.

Apartment design

The interior decoration is dominated by eco-friendly materials and pastel colors, diluted with subtle color accents. The walls in all rooms are painted with matte water-based acrylic paint Little Greene (Manders). The flooring of the living areas is engineered ash board with a delicate wood texture, and porcelain stoneware is laid in the kitchen, bathroom, and hallway. The apartment has a storage room with a washing machine and a large number of useful things that cannot be put away in the wardrobe.

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