Mirror in the kitchen, large decor, and 7 more wow-interior tricks

Designer Ksenia Mezentseva designed a very beautiful bohemian apartment for a young customer who travels a lot. We have collected here the coolest ideas from the project that will make any interior luxurious and stylish. 

1. Blue purple kitchen

Not white, not gray, not veneered, not blue, but a rich blue-violet kitchen is the accent and feature of this interior. To create a wow effect, you should not be afraid to experiment and choose not the most standard options.

2. Mirror in the kitchen

In this small kitchen in a niche, some of the cabinets were abandoned and instead of them, a mirrored canvas was placed from the height of the apron to the ceiling. This interesting decision made it possible to visually increase the space, and create a play of light in the evening. For greater effect, the designer added a round shelf for decoration.

3. Built-in bookcase

A non-standard solution is a bookcase and decor built into the wall. To implement this idea, you need to build up part of the wall and make a niche according to the size of the finished rack or make it to order. This design takes up no more space than a free-standing bookcase or cabinet while looking very neat and stylish.

4. Color accent on the wall

In this living room, the fireplace area was highlighted with painting. If you do not plan to install a fireplace in this way you can select a TV area or just a part of the wall with decor.

5. Unusual color combinations

It is unlikely that when decorating the interior, it would occur to you to combine pink and yellow colors. But look how interesting and fresh they look together. You can add a few more shades that are in other interior items for a more harmonious and stylish look.

6. Large items

To draw attention to the interior of the bedroom and add a touch of bohemianism to it, the designer used table lamps that are larger than the usual options. This game of scale and proportion is a feature worth taking note of.

7. Cabinets with milling

Milling on facades always makes the furniture a little more complicated, more decorative and nobler. The most banal wardrobe can become a work of art.

8. Golden details in the bathroom

Do you use chrome fixtures? Don’t be afraid to add gold details for a more cozy and sophisticated feel. In this bathroom, gold is present in the door handles, frames, and milling of cabinet facades.

9. Art in the bathroom

Feel free to decorate the bathroom with art – drawings, paintings, cute illustrations. Then a purely functional and utilitarian room will turn into a full-fledged recreation area.

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