9 Things to Create a Warm and Cozy Interior

How to make the apartment more cozy and cheerful. It’s easy to solve the problem with the help of the things on this list!

1. Blackout curtains

Drapes made of dense fabric will not only make the apartment cozy but also perfectly protect it from drafts. The thicker the fabric and the wider the panel, the better: all gaps between the window jambs and the interior will be reliably closed, and the wall itself will be additionally insulated.

2. Coarse knit plaid

What could be more pleasant than wrapping yourself in a huge woolen blanket in the evening and turning on your favorite movie? By the way, large knitted blankets are in trend now, and they look especially impressive in the interior.

3. Cold Wall Cabinet

From floor to ceiling and across the entire width, ideally built-in. And if there is a window on the wall, then you can place a couple of bookcases or shelves on both sides of it. A cabinet with glass doors will look especially impressive.

4. Pile carpet

The ubiquitous carpets on walls and floors are a thing of the past, but designers are in no hurry to completely abandon them. And how else to make the interior cozier and warmer without resorting to “underfloor heating”? Choose a long pile and natural fur – you can’t go wrong.

The second option is carpet: it will warm the floor well, as well as insulate the places along the baseboards that are most susceptible to blowing. It is not difficult to lay carpet at all, and it does not cause any special problems in operation.

5. Canopy or soft panels

Separate the bed from the rest of the space with a thick canopy or curtain, which will act as a partition.

It is not necessary to have a bed with a frame for a canopy – it is enough to attach cornices to the ceiling and hang curtains on them.

Soft panels at the head of the bed will also be a good escape from the cold: they can decorate only the area by the bed or the entire wall.

6. Elements of warm shades

Everyone knows: it will be cooler in an interior where cold colors predominate, and where terracotta, sand, and ochre are predominant, it will always be warmer. Get bright pillows, bedspreads, and blankets in warm colors, and arrange vases with bright fruits around the apartment. You’ll feel it getting warmer!

7. Cotton underwear

Put silk sets and thin sheets on the top shelves – it’s the turn of warm quilts and cotton bedding. If you don’t know which color is suitable for the interior, take a universal white, milky, or light gray.

8. Fireplace

Nowadays, it is quite possible to install a real fireplace not only in a private house but also in an apartment. Wood, electric, gas, or electric fireplace – choose yours and warm up with the whole family by the hearth.

One nuance: the installation and maintenance of a fireplace will not be cheap, so if you do not plan to spend money, install a decorative false fireplace and move on to the next point.

9. Candles

Candles are not just a decorative trifle. A few lit candles on a table or in a false fireplace will be a good source of heat.

The warming effect can be enhanced by purchasing scented candles with a cozy, homely scent – citrus, woody, sweet vanilla, or with hints of spices.

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