No stereotypes: 7 kitchen tables with stylish tablecloths

At some point, everyone decided that the tablecloth is not stylish. We disagree: we look at kitchen interiors in different styles and make sure that the textiles on the table can look beautiful and cool.

1. Deliberately wrinkled linen tablecloth

Linen is one of the best materials for tablecloths, it looks stylish in any interior. In this dining area, the most trendy option was used – a deliberately wrinkled dense fabric and a gray-beige natural color of linen.

This is a great table setting for every day, and if the kitchen has supportive decor, then the room instantly turns into a stylish one. Here, different textures are great combined with a tablecloth: rattan chairs and lamps, wooden chairs, and a concrete-like wall.

2. Bright tablecloth with a small print

Stylish tablecloths can also be bright colors. But in this case, it is very important to support the shade with matching accessories.

For this kitchen, a juicy orange fabric with frequent uneven polka dots was chosen – a slightly unusual implementation of a standard print. There is a vase of the same shade on the table, and red photo frames and decorative pillows also support the palette.

3. Dark plain tablecloth

Dark tablecloths can be questionable but just look at this example to understand that this is a cool solution. It fits especially harmoniously into a bright interior with wooden floors.

In this dining room, a dark green tablecloth was laid on the table. The shade, although gloomy, but natural, due to which it goes well with the air space around. And as a complement to this natural range, a large plant in the corner and a flower arrangement in the center of the table act.

4. Plaid tablecloth

Beige linen tablecloths look stylish both in plain colors and with prints. True, the pattern, like the color, should be discreet.

In this kitchen with a warm autumn vibe (decor plays an important role here), a thin contrast check tablecloth looks appropriate and elegant. A monophonic one would merge with the wall, and a small rhythmic print, as it were, separates the table. In addition, against the background of such fabrics, various decorative elements look chic: candles, coasters, trays, and beautiful dishes.

5. Subdued striped tablecloth

A stripe, along with a check, is one of the best solutions if you want stylish kitchen textiles. Moreover, there can be several variations, it is not necessary to choose a classic pattern with an equal distance between the lines.

In the small dining area in the photo, a tablecloth of a muted gray-brown shade with a thin white stripe was laid. It blends beautifully with chairs, and with white and brown wall and floor finishes. Please note that no special format is needed for a round table – not quite even edges and hanging corners look casual and cute in a good way.

6. Festive red checkered tablecloth

A completely different, more festive variation of the cell is chosen in this kitchen. The print and color scheme are classic, such tablecloths have been used for a long time. But the whole trick is in the combination and selection of accessories.

For example, here such textiles do not look clumsy because of the black and white design around. At the same time, a small amount of unusual bright decorations smooths out the impression of a bright tablecloth, attention is distributed between several objects. As for decor and serving, the table was complemented with red cloth napkins and straw coasters for plates.

7. Universal tablecloth in black and white checkered

A universal option is a white cotton tablecloth in a thin black cage. It will suit almost any style of the interior; will balance a bright room and brighten up a neutral one.

The last option is just about the example in the photo. A table with such a seemingly inconspicuous tablecloth is not at all lost in a kitchen with white tiles and wooden furniture. Often, a checkered print is complemented by round napkins for cutlery – they did the same here. This slightly breaks the rhythmic geometry of the picture – it looks interesting.

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