House with a Scandinavian mood

The owner of this house turned to A&R Interiors, with a request to create interior and correct layout flaws. The customer fully trusted the project team: On the one hand, this is an ideal situation that all designers dream of, on the other hand, we developed the project based on our feelings, impressions about the customer, his needs and taste, and his only wishes were to use such materials such as metal, glass, and concrete.

The advantages of a house with an area of ​​190 sq. meters consisted of a large number of windows and the presence of a second light. However, the layout contained a number of small isolated rooms with a system of corridors. We combined them, due to which air appeared in the interior. On the second floor, an open space without partitions was created, serving as a cinema hall, as well as a passage room from which you can get into the guest room and office.

Design began when the project was already under construction, so some design decisions were given. But at the same time, we managed to create a very organic bedroom space, where the room itself is separated from the dressing room and bathroom only by glass partitions. The kitchen-living room became the heart of the project. The second light, a decorative wall with a fireplace, a graphic black highlighted staircase and a cozy sofa area make it functional, but at the same time do not create a feeling of congestion due to the balance between clean space and decorative elements.

The color scheme of the interior is dominated by black and gray tones combined with wood and warm patinated metal. There are also orange, ocher, and gray-green shades of wormwood and linen in one of the bedrooms. In the fireplace area in the living room, a slab of granite with a Nordic monochrome pattern was used. Cold materials, metal, and concrete are shaded by the warm color of wood on the steps, in the kitchen, and dining area. In the bedroom, in turn, natural textures are beautifully combined with the green tone of the walls. We managed to create a graphic minimalist space where architecture comes to the fore.

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