What interior design trends will be relevant in 2023

We tell you what decoration, furniture, and decor in apartments will be relevant this year

In 2023, retro items, smart furniture, and natural materials will remain in trend. However, ascetic minimalism, beloved by many, will be replaced by theatricality and even chaos in apartments.

Art in the house

One of the main trends in the interior, which will be especially relevant this year, is the desire to create something like a gallery, the designers say.

“Increasingly, space is being prepared in advance for the appearance of art elements: sculpture, painting, photography, ceramics, graphics of various formats, antiques, from chairs and armchairs to coat hooks, coffee, and coffee tables, custom-made carpets. And this trend is not limited to items. Wall painting and table setting can also be called art in the interior. Today it is important for people to express their thoughts and emotions through creativity,” said Eugene, founder of INRE Design Studio.

In addition to murals, various prints, and patterns that can decorate wallpaper, tiles, or textiles in an apartment will be relevant, said Steven, founder of the Tochka Design studio. He also noted that already now the most fashionable interiors are decorated with retro furniture, and next year this trend will strengthen. “It is worth noting that rounded cabinets, tables, and chairs will also be relevant in 2023. In addition, you should pay attention to furniture with unusual curves,” the expert noted.

Non-conformism with a theatrical character

Minimalism is being replaced by non-conformism with a theatrical character, which gives homeowners the freedom to create interiors, and the opportunity to reflect their personal philosophy.

“This is a bold departure from the usual framework, a violation of the generally accepted rules of composition. Did you expect completeness, and symmetry? Perhaps you want to understand what style is in front of you? Will not work. Here it’s the other way around. The interior conveys an atmosphere of incompleteness, incompleteness and a kind of creative chaos. As if it was unfinished, underpainted, underfilled. Against this background, restored elegant furniture, vintage light feel great. Together, this determines its unique chic. Here, incongruous things create an overall balanced scene in which there is no sense of disharmony,” said Inna, founder of the Grande Familia (iRoomproject) studio.

Such interiors are unique and individual, and every little thing in them has its own interesting history, Inna specified.

Tactility and natural texture

Previously, interiors were often made “dry” and soulless – they looked good in the photo, but it was not very comfortable to live in them. Today, a vector is visible when severe minimalism is moving towards spirituality and life, the designers say. “Increasingly, people think about tactility, expressive and natural texture. The design is created on the principle of “untouched by human hand”. The decoration uses natural materials, for example, wild stone – chipped, unhewn, unpolished. The parquet board is more often chosen in natural shades. The interior today brings a person closer to nature and enlivens his living environment,” said the founder of INRE Design.

Organics in the design of apartments and houses is only becoming more popular, Bugaev emphasized. He advised using as much wool, cotton, velvet, clay, and ceramics as possible when lining walls or upholstering furniture. “Today, fine manufactory handiwork is also gaining special value. Such a design is always carefully thought out and conveys a special energy to its owner. Luxury and natural simplicity in one bundle will make the house warm, calm and cozy,” says Inna.

Spice colors

In 2023, the most relevant will be a warm range with brown and pink tones. They will look great against the background of a white or black base of walls, floors and ceilings, they will set a thoughtful depth and layering, the founder of the Grande Familia studio is convinced.

“Surely many of you have seen the malls strewn with dishes with all kinds of bright spices, they have vibrant natural colors and shades. It is they who set the motives for the color trends of 2023. White pepper, Himalayan pink salt, ground paprika, turmeric, opal basil, cinnamon, oregano or nutmeg… The most important thing is not to be afraid to experiment,” says Inna.

With such a palette of colors, natural materials work perfectly – jute, rattan, weaves of cattail and reeds, the designer clarified. According to her, finishing materials in casual style, raw surfaces, rough and textured fabrics will also remain in the trend.

Blind Spots and Smart Items

Another trend that is gaining momentum is functional spaces that are invisible at the entrance to the apartment. “People are willing to pay for their comfort and functionality in the house. The trend to “surprise your neighbor” has gone, when money was spent only on those rooms where guests came, and it was possible to save money on intimate places (dressing rooms, laundry rooms). Nowadays, customers are increasingly making the interior for themselves. Every detail in the house is important: where we go, where we sleep, where we wash, where we store things,” said Eugene.

Blind zones — laundry rooms, pantries, utility cabinets — are no longer closed to the eye, they are made functional and thought out according to the smart home system, the designer noted. “Indeed, despite the relevance of retro and art, smart items will only gain popularity, because technology does not stand still. Cabinets and tables with built-in speakers and chargers have become especially relevant today,” Steven summed up.

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