How to arrange a small kitchen: 9 useful tips

Working ways to make a tiny kitchen comfortable and beautiful

A small space can be comfortable and functional. This also applies to kitchenettes. We talk about winning solutions for its arrangement, which designers regularly use in their work.

1. Make upper cabinets up to the ceiling

Make the most of vertical storage—let the upper cabinets go to the ceiling. Firstly, there will always be something to store at the very top – holiday dishes and equipment that you rarely use. Secondly, dust will not collect on such cabinets, which means it is much easier to care for them. 

2. Choose compact and functional household appliances

In a small kitchen, household appliances can take up to half the usable area of ​​the kitchen unit, which leaves a couple of cabinets for storage. Therefore, it makes sense to choose compact and multifunctional appliances: a hob with two burners, a narrow dishwasher 45 cm wide, and an oven with a microwave function. 

3. Move the dining area outside the kitchen

It is difficult to place work and dining areas on five or six squares: it will be inconvenient to receive guests, move chairs and simply move around the kitchen. Therefore, if possible, arrange a dining room in the living room, where a full-fledged dining table with chairs can be installed without any problems. A small window-sill bar will be a practical addition to the kitchenette – it will be quite convenient to have a quick snack and drink a cup of coffee.

4. Engage the window sill

Increase the area of ​​your worktop by adding a window sill. If its height allows, it will serve as a bar counter – there will be a place for eating and for working with a laptop. Another option is to conveniently place a coffee station on the windowsill. This will help relieve the kitchen of small household appliances and not clutter the worktop with unnecessary items.

Just don’t forget to make slits in the wide window sill – this will ensure normal air circulation during the heating season. 

5. Organize proper storage in cabinets

Use every inch of your kitchen furniture. Equip corner cabinets with swivel-pull-out structures and carousel shelves. Instead of a plinth, provide narrow drawers – you can store trays, large dishes, and small items there. In a cabinet with a built-in hood, make shelves for storing spices, coffee, and tea. If the refrigerator is freestanding, use the space above it – there will be enough space for a small cabinet or additional shelves.

6. Choosing folding furniture

If you can’t turn around in the kitchen, opt for folding furniture. If necessary, it makes it easier to organize additional seats. A dining folding or sliding table will help out when receiving guests, and when folded it will serve faithfully on an everyday basis. Folding chairs can be taken out when needed, and the rest of the time stored folded – make a hook for them on the balcony or in the closet.

7. Make a set in the color of the walls

Many different shades and textures visually break up a small space. To avoid this effect in a small kitchen, choose cabinet fronts that match the color of the walls. Then bulky furniture will visually merge with the surrounding environment, and the space will thereby look lighter.

8. Use the same materials

Another way not to visually split up the space is to use as few different types of finishes as possible. For example, take one porcelain tile for the floor and backsplash. You can also make a kitchen countertop and apron from the same material – practical quartz agglomerate, which is not afraid of knives and hot.

9. Think over lighting

Even in a tiny kitchen, consider several lighting scenarios. At a minimum, in addition to general light, there should be illumination of the working surface. It will allow you to cook in comfort and visually expand the space.

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