Christmas tree in 2021: Rules, Trends, and 76 Examples 😮

What colors and materials to use in decorating a New Year tree for the Year of the Tiger and what is in trend, regardless of the symbol of 2022, described in the article.

The New Year’s mood really comes when a coniferous beauty appears in the house and the time comes to dress her up. Every time we want to do it in a special way. In this article, we will tell you how to decorate a Christmas tree in 2021: from classic options to fresh trends. And, of course, we share ideas on how to please the symbol of the coming year.

General rules

Let’s start with some simple tips on how to decorate your Christmas tree in 2021.

  • Match the size of the room to the size of the Christmas tree. In a small room, a huge spruce will create a feeling of crampedness, and a small tree in a pot in a large area will not look spectacular.
  • Consider the color scheme: in general terms, it should overlap with the palette of the room, or at least not contradict it.
  • Decorating a Christmas tree for the New Year should be combined with the overall style of the room. A modest herringbone with restrained scandi decor will be lost in a lush classic living room. And vice versa: a richly decorated tree in a modern minimalist interior will look strange and out of place.
  • You can place a tree anywhere in the room. The main thing is that there is enough space around for the passage, otherwise the household will constantly touch the branches, which is not only bad for the plant, but also increases the risk of toys falling. Also, do not put the tree close to the heat source – it will dry out quickly. Scheme for fans of feng shui: the center of the room is its energy core, which is responsible for health and vitality. The far left corner will provide financial well-being, the left neighbor will give new acquaintances. In the right corner is the zone of privacy and harmony.
  • If there are children and animals in the house, make sure that they do not overturn the tree and accidentally break the glass decor. Use shatterproof toys for decoration if possible.
  • It is better to start the decorating process with a lights, then move on to toys. First hang large items – the lower and middle parts are suitable for them. Then, above, small toys are placed, the top can be decorated with a star or bow.

Which tree to choose

At this point, we will not touch upon the choice between a living and an artificial tree  – this is always an individual decision. Let’s consider what shape, size, and color the main heroine of the holiday can be.


The elongated A-silhouette is the classic shape of a New Year’s tree. Wide lower legs become smaller and eventually taper upwards. This form is inherent in living plants, therefore it is most often imitated by artificial counterparts.

This option is quite compact, looks stylish, suitable for any typical apartment or studio, including a small one.


If space permits, you can choose the opposite shape to the first – spreading spruce with large fluffy branches. Usually, in this case, a living tree is chosen, which is inherent in natural asymmetry. 

This shape is for large spaces, it is best to put the tree in the center of the room, decorate abundantly, and layout gifts in beautiful packaging around.


If there is very little space in the apartment or you do not want to fiddle with a dimensional tree, you can replace it with a small coniferous plant in a pot or, if it is artificial, on a stand. This solution has several significant advantages: space-saving; cheaper than full-size counterparts; mobility – the decoration can be placed anywhere and moved at any time; less decor is required; no time-consuming cleaning is needed after.

For decoration, use small balls and toys, lights with the smallest bulbs. You can add small ribbons or bows, mini bells. It is worth playing up the bottom of the plant: it can be a beautiful flower pot, a metal bucket, a wide vase, or a wicker basket.

Most often, a mini-tree is placed on a table, windowsill, chest of drawers, or fireplace. So that it does not look lonely there, it is worth complementing the composition with other New Year’s elements. You can put candles nearby (watch out for safety precautions!), Compact gifts, figurines of Santa Claus, a snowman, animals, and birds, as well as any other themed decor.


If you are using an artificial tree, you can experiment not only with the shape but also with the color. Nowadays, white treees are especially popular, which already decorate the interior by themselves and look truly fabulous. They will fit into any environment, regardless of the style and size of the room, and will immediately attract the eye.

How to decorate a white Christmas tree

  • Decide if you want to use a light base as a backdrop for bright accents or the whole palette will be restrained. In the first case, use multi-colored contrasting balls of the same shape. In the second, it is better to choose 1-2 colors and their shades – this way you get an interesting monochrome.
  • If the emphasis is not on colors, you can experiment with shapes and types of jewelry. Let them all be, for example, creamy golden, but differ in silhouette and size, textures.
  • Depending on the general palette and the shade of the artificial needles, the  light in the garland can be cold or warm white. A cold tone will create the atmosphere of a fairy-tale forest, and a warm tone, especially in combination with candles and dim light in the room, will add coziness.
  • Against the background of white twigs, golden and silver, blue, beige, blue, red and black balls look good. Whites will be lost if not diluted with other shades and textures. To keep the composition from looking clumsy, choose 2-3 colors, no more.

How to decorate a Christmas tree before the Year of the Tiger

Despite the fact that according to the Eastern calendar, the Tiger will come to us only in February, you need to meet him in advance. The patron saint of the coming year is unusual – Black (or Blue) Tiger. This name alone says a lot, and one should start from it, thinking about what colors to decorate the Christmas tree in 2021 and what materials to choose.

Color spectrum

The Tiger does not like bright, aggressive colors, therefore it is better to refuse scarlet, burgundy, bright yellow, and deep purple… Here’s what you can use.

  • Black, white, gray.
  • Beige and gold tones.
  • Silver, bronze, copper.
  • All shades of blue and blue.
  • Green, turquoise, mint.

You can use red, but choose soft, preferably matte textures and muted shades of color.

The monochrome trend, which is now common in interior design, will come in very handy. It can also be used to decorate a New Year’s tree. For example, it can be a Christmas tree decorated with white toys, with a black or gray garland – or vice versa. The black decor looks impressive and unusual, especially when combined with matte surfaces.

Forms and materials

Since the Tiger, this year is not simple, give preference to light, flowing lines. Long garlands wrapped around the trunk and branches, rain, elongated toys will do. The composition should flow from top to bottom in a spiral, like the flow of water in a river. 

Also, the Tiger will like jewelry made from natural materials and with a slight sheen of precious metals: silver, white and yellow gold. It is better to use 2-3 textures in the decor because there should not be clumsy and excessive variegation.

Fashion Styles


The course towards sustainability is a confident trend that will only gain momentum in the coming years. This style is characterized by the use of natural materials and the rejection of plastic. For inspiration, interior designers take nature, its colors, textures, and silhouettes. Here’s how to beautifully decorate a Christmas tree in eco-style.

  • Decor made from natural materials – wood, clay, paper, fabric, rattan, straw, bamboo, etc.
  • Cones, coffee beans, acorns, dried fruits, cinnamon sticks as accessories.
  • DIY decorations – you can make stars, snowflakes, houses, simple lanterns with your own hands.
  • We refuse from plastic balls, rain, beads.
  • Kraft paper (best recycled) for decorating gift boxes.


Unlike eco-style, Scandinavian is not a new trend, but an already established classic. The philosophy of Nordic design has taken root in our latitudes, and New Year’s decor in this style is also very popular. 

To decorate a Christmas beauty, it is better to use natural or at least environmentally friendly materials. The decor should be restrained, the color scheme should be calm, a small number of bright accents are permissible. The essential elements of Christmas Scandinavian can be described as follows.

  • Images or figurines of reindeer.
  • Wooden and textile decorations.
  • Forest birds and animals.
  • Elements of wildlife – cones, chestnuts, twigs.
  • Bells.
  • Toys or a garland in the form of candles.


This year – and next year too – minimalism reigns supreme. In interior design, it implies a minimum of decorations, therefore, there should be nothing superfluous in the house for the New Year. There are two trends regarding Christmas tree decor.

  • In principle, not decorate the tree – you can beautifully lay out gifts in plain paper under it or hang small bulbs.
  • Use laconic jewelry in small quantities.

As in the design of the space, textures and natural colors come to the fore. The Christmas tree is beautiful in itself, so it does not need unnecessary decoration. Avoid bright rain, ornaments of complex shapes, and iridescent large balls.

Simple accessories in monochrome or restrained natural colors will do. You can supplement the balls with toys made of paper or wood, as well as a garland with one-color bulbs. In the gallery – photos of minimally decorated Christmas trees for inspiration.

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