6 examples of how designers change IKEA kitchens

At first glance, it’s even difficult to say that these are kitchens from IKEA. Let’s see what tricks the pros use for this effect.

IKEA is not only about accessibility, but also about comfort with functionality. Therefore, designers often use the furniture of the Swedish brand in their projects. And so that the interior does not look like an exposition in a store, they select interesting finishes and unusual details. Well, watch, remember and save ideas to bookmarks!

1. Combine with a loft finish

For this project, a  kitchen set was bought from IKEA. It was equipped with a built-in refrigerator, microwave oven, and hob. The classic top cabinets have been abandoned in favor of small horizontal wall units. This technique added volume and air to a small room.

Several non-standard solutions helped to beat the IKEA set: a rough concrete ceiling with open wiring and a kitchen apron to the ceiling. Also from the unusual – not a classic, but a bar table. It emphasizes the informal atmosphere and is a compromise when you want to combine two functions: a dining table and a bar counter.

2. Complemented with simple 60s-style furnishings

8000$ was spent on the renovation of this tiny studio. Not without IKEA. In the kitchen area, a standard set of IKEA METOD was installed with facades of RINGULT light gray and UNIS black glass. Built-in refrigerator – hidden behind the facades, there is a stove for two burners and an oven. 

The kitchen apron was made of white hog tiles, and vintage helped set the right mood. Stylist Irina Bebeshina picked up chairs from the 1960s to the black dining table, polished them herself, and changed the upholstery. 

3. Customize furniture

In this project, the designer Alla Senicheva has implemented a cool feature: the frame of the kitchen set (it’s most expensive part) was bought at IKEA and customized by ordering the facades of an individual color. The fittings were chosen in a silver shade, which echoes the plumbing fixtures, cooker hood, and oven.

4. Mixed with vintage details

In her Moscow apartment, the client wanted to emphasize the history of the house and the spirit of the times, so the designers from Muzahouse opted for a modern interior with vintage details. So, on the floor in the kitchen, they laid out a panel of tiles, and the point light was supplemented with a lamp made of crystal pendants.

The kitchen set was picked up at IKEA. Stopped at the METOD collection in a gray shade. Some of the wall cabinets were taken with glass doors, the rest of the facades were deaf with panels. They were matched with HISHULT porcelain handles in retro style – also IKEA. The worktop was chosen from white granite – it goes into the bar counter by the window.

5. Emphasize color + complement custom-made furniture

The budget for the renovation of this St. Petersburg one-room apartment was very limited, but it was important to make a stylish and not boring interior. So, the designer Nina Ivanenko chose non-standard colors for the kitchen: brick-burgundy paint for the walls in combination with a black and gray kitchen set from IKEA.

The designer tried to make the kitchen look more expensive: the countertop and shelving were custom made, and a box was lowered over the kitchen for a beautiful installation and ventilation. Despite the light top of the kitchen, the set is roomy, there are many drawers in the lower sections.

6. They make an apron from retroblocks

And another dark kitchen. Its main feature is a retro-block window instead of a kitchen apron. The bar counter was custom made, but they decided to take the kitchen set at IKEA, this was due to the timing and budget. We chose KUNGSBACKA facades and oak countertops.

The kitchen has all the necessary functionality: a large built-in refrigerator with a freezer, an oven with a microwave function, an induction hob, a dishwasher. The protruding technical box in the kitchen was beaten with a narrow built-in rack with sockets for a coffee machine and a kettle.

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