How designer decorated the apartment for herself

Olga Siruk’s bright studio with a panoramic window and IKEA furniture.

Place: Nizhny Novgorod
House Type: Monolithic Brick
Area: 52 sq.m.
Rooms: Studio
Ceiling Height: 2.7 m.
Author: Olga Siruk

In a nutshell

Designer Olga Siruk and her husband decided to completely open up the space of the apartment. And conditionally fence off the bedroom – with the help of a light curtain.


“I used to fall asleep and wake up, seeing the landscape outside the window: it doesn’t matter if it’s snowing there or the sun, everything is in green or yellow foliage. The full moon is something in general, ”says Olga Siruk. So that the panoramic window, one of the main advantages of the apartment, was always in front of your eyes, a bed was placed close to it. After all, we spend a third of our lives in it.

The space of the apartment is completely open. “More space, fewer walls. The division into zones is visual – with the help of light, furniture, decor, – says Olga. “In the evenings we are together, it’s very cool.”

In a small area, it was possible to separate the room into a dressing room. And in the bedroom, there is a corner for a writing desk where you can work. 

Olga put a parquet board on the floor: she says that it adds warmth. The walls and ceiling are painted. White brick wall – as a declaration of love for the Scandinavian style and simple materials.  

In addition to the dressing room with an open storage system, there is a wardrobe for outerwear and shoes at the entrance to the apartment. “There is a lot of storage space in the bathroom, and it’s very convenient,” says Olga. – There are dishes in the buffet, which I love very much. Books and flowers are on the shelf next to the bed. Perhaps that’s all. ” 

There is a lot of white in the studio. Not boiling white, but with a slight tint, which gives an interesting effect in different lighting conditions, according to the designer. And brings together different furnishings. Some of the furniture was bought from IKEA, some from various websites. And something was brought from travel.

“When I created the interior of my apartment, I did not plan that it would be in any particular style,” says Olga Siruk. “The result looks like a Scandinavian apartment.” But with a panoramic view of Nizhny Novgorod. 


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