Anti-trends in the interior: what decisions should be abandoned in 2023

Designers told which decor elements, furniture and finishing materials have lost popularity and what is in trend in 2023

The new year has come – many seek to get rid of everything old and update, including the interior of the apartment. To do this, it is important to know not only what is in fashion, but also what has long gone out of it. Stretch ceilings, poor lighting, a single style – this is only part of the anti-trends in the interior design of apartments in 2023.

The editors of minimalism asked the designers what other elements of decor, furniture and finishing materials have lost popularity and should not be used in the coming year.

A new take on design

The design is not able to increase the area of ​​​​the apartment, but, for example, zoning will help six people of different ages to live peacefully in the conditions of restrictions in just 30 square meters.

Design is a thoughtful selection of things and materials that you should like, because you live with them. The design obeys the laws of composition, and it must be balanced and correspond to the function of the room. The anti-trend here is a cluttered interior. It is also important to consider scale and proportions, the designers say.

Style and details

There are no comrades for the taste and color, but you should avoid modern classics with a lot of details, multi-level ceilings and lighting, crystal chandeliers and small plastic. It is also expensive in terms of construction work.

— Now in the interiors they tend to minimize small details, the accents are becoming larger, the geometry is “cleaner”, without corners and unnecessary bevels, both in terms of walls and on the ceiling. If the cornice, then it is one and along the perimeter of the entire ceiling. The backlight is only decorating if it doesn’t look like a tiered wedding cake.

Ekaterina Proskuryna, architect-designer, decorator:

— High-quality materials and furniture, a finished stylish design, where each element is not accidental, are important. Interiors in the same style, when everything is very restrained, are now irrelevant. Experiments are welcome, such as eclecticism. Various embellishments at some point seemed to have become a sign of luxury and a progressive look at the design of living space, but now they have lost their relevance.

Stepan Bugaev, founder of the Flatplan service:

Stretch ceilings and poor lighting

According to designers, the absolute anti-trend of 2023 is stretch ceilings with many spotlights around the perimeter. Such ceilings are crushing, their design is inappropriate in simple living quarters, experts say. The lack of sufficient lighting is also a kind of anti-trend.

– Lighting should be varied. On the one hand, it is functional, as, for example, the illumination of the working area of ​​the kitchen. On the other hand, it creates a mood, like, for example, a dim floor lamp in the corner of the room, illuminating the space and objects only around it. But if such a floor lamp is the only lighting in the room, it is worth considering.

Ekaterina Proskuryna, architect-designer, decorator:

Bar counters and wardrobes

Bar counters in the usual sense are a thing of the past. Now these are necessarily complex multifunctional structures that combine both a part of the working kitchen surface and a high bar area, to which a spacious dining table can be attached, said Stepan Bugaev, founder of the Flatplan service. The same situation with custom-made wardrobes – they have become a relic of the past.

– It seems to many that if you buy a closet, then be sure to have a compartment. Often in such cabinets they like to make mirror or glass doors with patterns, forgetting that the designer can offer a huge number of other design options for cabinet fronts – more trendy and original.

Stepan Bugaev, founder of the Flatplan service:

Speaking of outdated trends in the interior, you need to remember the most important anti-trend – blindly following any trends. Think of them as helpful tips and a source of new ideas and inspiration. But arrange the interior in your apartment according to your taste, habits and ideas about comfort.

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