Trends 2023: what interiors will be fashionable this year

Wabi-sabi instead of loft

For the interior, unobtrusiveness, the ability not to annoy or irritate, becomes a priority. “Scandinavian style, minimalism or wabi-sabi, natural color shades, with high-quality decoration and paintings will be appropriate. Far-fetched stylizations for a loft, classics will finally become a thing of the past. The most important feature will be the ability of the interior to quickly change its image in order to diversify the stay at home – the designer’s focus will be shifted to decorating techniques, ”explained Sergey Petrov, director of Design Bureau No. 1.

Balcony-office and glass partitions

The functionality of the interior is one of the main trends of the quarantine period. “The mandatory organization of workplaces that are maximally adapted for work, isolated and comfortable. If earlier there were questions and discussions about whether it is worth insulating the balcony and whether to make another full-fledged room, today such a question is not raised, since a separate office for work has become a vital necessity, ”says Petrov.

The quality of textiles, with which tactile contact takes place, comes first. “Pillows on sofas, upholstery of armchairs, bed linen – now this should be treated as responsibly as possible, choosing natural, hypoallergenic, wear-resistant fabrics. The kitchen is under more stress than before, so it must be full-fledged in terms of functionality and size, and kitchen appliances must be of decent quality,” Petrov noted.

The layouts of houses and apartments will tend to a larger volume and functional zoning, which is almost invisible to the eye, the designers say. “Partial division of the space with large glass sheets, through partitions, natural plants, laconic finishing materials and scenario lighting will come to the rescue,” said Inna Kaminskaya, founder of the Grande Familia studio (iRoomproject).

Modules, transformers, digital

In 2023, the usual choice of furniture will also change. Instead of ordinary cabinets, cabinets will be in demand – transformers, in which there is a desktop and even armchairs, Petrov explained. He clarified that the priority is modular furniture, which allows you to combine different scenarios of life and zoning of the room. This is especially true for owners of small apartments, the designer summed up.

Smart furniture with digital or automated functions is becoming a trend, Kaminskaya believes. According to her, it helps not to be distracted during work and study, it will be possible to solve various everyday tasks by pressing one button.

Natural materials

In 2023, natural materials and natural colors will be in trend. “Solid, especially light wood with its natural texture, rattan, natural and reconstituted veneer, seagrass, bamboo, water hyacinth, banana leaves, cork oak, cotton, wool, silk, leather, wood, natural rubber. Traditional favorites are rocks, including marble, travertine, slate, sandstone, ceramic elements, and complex ceramics such as porcelain and faience. Glass, paper and metal should still be seen as a rich textural addition and a trendy decorative element,” said Kaminskaya.

Natural colors

Everything that we see in nature is the main color trend. White ice is a feeling of volume and purity, green is a symbol of well-being that nature gives us, Kaminskaya specified. She emphasized that the color of summer foliage brings a feeling of joy and freshness, the color of the sea wave gives a feeling of peace and serenity, soft pink is the shade of an evening sunset, warm gray and terracotta resemble a sunny desert.

“The trend is laconic forms, monochrome interior, the absence of banal contrasts in the decoration of walls and floors. The main thing is that the alternation of contrasting materials in the decoration should not be as obvious as last year. Only architectural solutions can be bright — apses, alcoves and portals,” said Irina Dymova, interior designer, ADDI board member.

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