Interior storage systems: 10 incredible examples

Thoughtful systems of cabinets, racks, and shelves are needed in both large and small houses and apartments. The most successful options cleverly dissolve in space or, conversely, become its visual dominant.

. Cabinets and shelving as the basis of the interior

A striking project by Point Supreme Architects studio is an apartment in the capital of Greece. Previously, the space was small and cramped, with tiny rooms and corridors. The architects reworked the plan and decided to do away with partitions, replacing them with a row of colorful built-in cabinets that help define the different zones and functions in the space: in particular, there is a storage unit made of painted green plywood that runs along one side of the apartment. A light pink kitchen with marble countertops and plenty of storage is framed by a central light well. The appliances were placed on the adjacent island cabinet: it can be recognized by its dark pink color. The entrance area is surrounded by a wooden partition, and a wall of bright blue cabinets is the main accent in the hallway between the two bedrooms.

2. Customized storage system

Apartment 46 sq. meters on Boulevard Voltaire in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, Isabelle Eilmann designed for an art student. The main problem with the original was the layout: the tiny kitchen was especially inconvenient. The designer rebuilt the “technical” block: she made the bathroom and toilet smaller, allowing her to place a kitchen island. For the living room, Isabelle designed a structure made of plywood covered with beech veneer: it stretches along the window, combining the functions of seats, shelves and radiator screens, as well as steps providing access to the courtyard. A similar, but larger-scale system is in the bedroom, includes a shelving unit and a desk, and flows into a built-in closet.

3. Functionality in every centimeter

Compact and super-functional spaces are the specialty of Spanish architects from the Elii Architects studio. They called the project of a small apartment in Madrid Yojigen Poketto/4D pocket – there are secret hatches, disappearing objects, mirrors, and unusual colors. “We optimized every centimeter,” say the architects. — Hidden drawers and step-shelves expand storage space. Viewpoints raised to the second level help to obtain a deep horizon and a beautiful perspective when looking at the windows.”

. Transformable interior with a labyrinth of shelving

Catalan studio AMOO has created a flexible space for a 60 sqm apartment. meters in Barcelona. The conceptual element of the project is geometric transformable furniture structures made to order. “The sofa, which is actually a bed, turns into a desk, and a full-fledged bed becomes a wardrobe,” studio founders Aurelie Mora and Omar Ornak comment on the project. Functional areas intersect and merge with each other, forming a dynamic space that easily adapts to the immediate needs of the user. The labyrinth of shelving, cabinets, and desks is done in a pastel green shade, which smoothly flows into soft salmon in the kitchen.

5. Rational approach to storage

Pone Architecture Designers completed an interior project in Shenzhen for a single-parent family: a mother and daughter. The customer of this renovation is a professional woman who needs to take care of her child on her own. For this family, time and space must be conducive to high-efficiency living. “This house is very interesting because each of its zones performs many functions. Before the renovation it was in good condition, but without a sensible layout. The usable area utilization rate was initially low – only 55%.” After a thoughtful redevelopment, three bedrooms, a dining room, a living room, a kitchen, and two bathrooms appeared, and each room was used to the maximum.

6. Hidden storage in a small area

Architect Prineas Studio designed the interior of a small studio apartment with an area of ​​22 square meters. meters. It was conceived as an alternative to existing “designer hotels” for short stays. One of the main goals was to provide guests with additional amenities – more than what is usually found in hotel rooms. The updated interior is built around a modern plywood volume, integrated into the existing fabric of the apartment. The platform on which the bed is placed clearly demarcates the living and sleeping areas. Thanks to the high ceilings, it was possible to raise it to a sufficient height to install hidden storage systems inside. The walls are mostly left free, as there is enough space under the bed for things and you can read the total volume of the space.

7. Ladder as a rack

The centerpiece of this apartment, located in Poznan, Poland, is the steel staircase connecting the first and second levels. The authors of the project are the architects of the UGO studio. The goal was to highlight the views of nature from the windows, as well as provide enough storage space for vinyl and wine collections. It was also important to maintain the open nature of the space. As a result, the only separate room in the apartment is the bathroom on the ground floor, while the remaining areas become a seamless space, connected by a consistent color scheme and material palette. In order not to take up valuable space with cabinets, the storage system was installed directly in the staircase that connected the lower level and the first mezzanine.

8. Wardrobe as an art object

Project ROF01 by Pool studio – apartments in the respectable 16th arrondissement in the west of Paris. Lea Padovani and Sebastian Kieffer renovated the 300 sq. m. space. meters. The authors respected the old architecture, which did not stop them from shaking up the Ottoman codes. The designers specially developed some components for this space, such as a built-in wardrobe with marquetry in the main bedroom, which looks like a huge painting – its authors consider one of the most successful solutions in the project. “Today the market is filled with standard furniture that looks like it was designed and manufactured by robots. We hope that this flow will subside and give way to original, one-piece, local items.”

9. Two-in-one items

Australian bureau YSG Studio has renovated a single-level penthouse on the Walsh Bay waterfront in Sydney. On an area of ​​200 sq. meters, housing was equipped for a family of contemporary art collectors. The combination of shades and decor became key for this interior. Yasmin Saleh Ghoniem was responsible for the design of the interior space . All storage systems in the house were built-in whenever possible. In the master bedroom, functional volumes have been integrated into the headboard, which also serves as bedside tables – this addition provides space for smart devices and their charging.

10. Open shelving

The i29 house in Amsterdam covers an area of ​​180 square meters. meters. “The residential building was built so that its owners had the opportunity to plan the rooms at their own request,” say the designers. “The double-height space gave us the opportunity to implement a custom interior design created specifically for a couple of art collectors. We designed tall cabinets as well as special glass display cases. Wardrobes visually connect the two floors; There is a staircase hidden inside. All cabinet furniture is designed according to an individual project. The simple and modest architecture contrasts with the colorful works of art, balancing and complementing them.”

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