Apartment with a rich history designed by Studio RE

The team of the architectural studio RE gave a second life to the interior. The owners of this apartment set a difficult task for Studio RE architects: “The customers wanted to breathe new life into an interior with a twenty-year history while preserving those details that are dear to them as a memory,” says the founder of the bureau Katerina Vinogradova. “We dismantled almost all the elements and sent them for remanufacturing, implementing the principles of sustainable design. Much has been repainted, fittings and finishes changed.”

Instead of the traditional living room, the center of attraction was to be the dining room, the former nursery was turned into an office, and a utility room was added to the kitchen. “First of all, we painted the walls white and removed unnecessary details, defining the basis of the interior,” says the architect. According to the wishes of the owners, the neutral background was complemented by contrasting shades, and the staircase, from the previous version of which only the technical basis remained, became the central sculptural accent of the apartment.

The technical area and utility rooms were separated using an isolated cube. “Here, as in other projects, we have considered roundabout scenarios that are so important for living space,” adds Katerina. A professional kitchen with stainless steel fronts combined with a complex red hue refers to the color experiments of the constructivist.

Classical metlakh tiles were used in the decoration of wet areas, and a mosaic based on the work of architect Otto Wagner appeared in the office. “Customers are close to the era of the Vienna Secession, so many details refer to the beginning of the 20th century, and almost every item has a history. Some of the furniture was restored, and others were collected around the world. For example, vintage dining chairs were found in Vienna, London, and Paris, and then brought to the same color thanks to the sensitive work of the craftsmen.

The chandelier on the second floor used to hang in the premises of a Belgian bank, and a special niche was arranged in the living room for the ceramic sculpture of the Madonna, brought from Sicily. We always strive to create such an atmosphere that it seems that the objects have come together by themselves, naturally and organically.

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