Pets: 5 tips to keep your home clean

Not only do pets leave an emotional mark on your heart, but they also leave footprints all over the house. Scratches, stains, and hairballs are some must-have tips on how to protect your space from being over-exposed by pets.

Create areas for pets

Even in small places, giving animals their own territory can save you a lot of headaches. Scratching posts provide cats with an alternative to shredding cherished stools. Similarly, by giving dogs their own beds with toys to chew on, they won’t be interested in what a sofa leg tastes like.

Cover your furniture

Once upon a time, pet products looked like pet products. Companies are now realizing that pet owners want things that fit seamlessly into their homes—ones that you can comfortably sit on and that don’t need to be put away before guests arrive. You no longer have to settle for ugly plastic chair covers or ill-fitting sofa covers to protect valuable pieces of furniture. It’s easy to find stylish dog crates, washable linen sofa covers, and throw-in rugs.

And use the strongest wall paints

When thinking about protecting homes from pets, walls don’t immediately come to mind. But think of all the scratches that pets leave on walls: the place where the dog cage touches the wall; accumulation of cat dander on baseboards; the part of the bedroom door that the dog always bumps into when he walks by. Washing out scuffs and stains is easier if you have the right paint. Choose those that are suitable for busy living spaces that can be washed. So you can stop worrying about how to keep the walls spectacular.

Close the windows

It is considered touching if our dogs want to warn us every time a cat runs across the lawn, someone delivers a package, or their four-legged buddy passes by on a walk. However, these actions can be devastating, and if you are not at home to reassure the pets that everything is fine, they can escalate into an anxiety attacks. Curtains and blinds help your dog be less distracted. This will also help if you need to focus on a work call or want to give your puppy some peace of mind when you’re not at home.

Choose a trash can with an odor neutralizer

If you invest in a pet-proof bin, it will make life easier. Be sure to get one that locks: pets are smarter than you think, and many won’t think long before knocking over a trash can for a snack. These tanks often have odor neutralizers for added protection.

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