Trends 2023/2024: minimalism and innovation for the bathroom

The home space is constantly evolving, including the interior of the bathroom – every year we want to see it more aesthetically pleasing and functional. Responding to the demand of the new time, designers and brands are surprising with form, finish, and technology. A prime example is the system ABACO from the Italian brand CEA.

Concise design

The modular linear system ABACO was developed by designer Natalino Malasorti, founder and art director of CEA based on his 20 years of experience in plumbing design. The main trump card of the system is a combination of minimalist design and modern technologies. Minimalism in the bathroom is an actual trend, but it is quite difficult to achieve it here. However, Natalino Malasorti managed to create an elegant, extremely concise object, which in a strict case hides all the necessary sanitary functions and advanced engineering technologies. The incredibly thin countertops and facades of the drawer blocks emphasize the innovative character and sculptural forms of ABACO.

ABACO is a red thread through my life,” he says. Natalino Malasorti. “It started when I was still a boy, following my father to construction sites, I watched how the water supply was laid. The bathroom is the environment that I care about because it’s rich in technology and innovation. My professional life has always been filled with a search for simplicity and order. I began to reflect on the beauty of creating a modular container that would accommodate all the functions of the bathroom but would be simple and understandable. All this could be conveyed only by steel: an extremely hygienic, antibacterial material, a keeper of experience, knowledge, innovation, and a friend.

One-size-fits-all approach

The central element of ABACO is a toilet unit that combines the functions of drain, flush, and bidet, a patented invention of Natalino Malasorti. The toilet module is conceived as absolutely universal – equally convenient for both men and women. Additional comfort is provided by an ergonomic heated seat and built-in lighting – it is located on the plinth and on the back of the monolithic composition, providing spectacular multi-level lighting.

Focus on security

Today we have special requirements for hygiene and safety, and the bathroom is the room in the house to which it concerns in the first place. The ABACO system is completely made of stainless steel, as this material is not only attractive and modern looking, but also ideal for the bathroom. It is durable, durable, most importantly, provides hygiene and ease of cleaning. It is also important that stainless steel is recyclable: sustainability is another priority of the CEA. “Green” quality standards also apply to special finishes (black diamond, light gold, copper, and bronze): coatings are created by environmentally friendly methods. The system is one of the winners of the Archiproducts Design Awards 2022 in the Bathroom category and was also honored with a special mention for sustainable design.

Individual character

Harmoniously fit ABACO into any space and personalize the design of the modules allow natural facing materials – marble and wood. Natural textures and shades help to create a cozy and elegant home space and bring a part of wildlife to the interior. In addition, they do not go out of fashion, allowing ABACO to look relevant for many years.

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