What Will Decorate Your Hallway: 8 Ideas

The hallway is the business card of your home, the first thing people see when they come. In this selection, you will find cool design ideas on how to combine functionality and a stylish interior.

1. Contrast and Mirrored Door

The hallway will look more interesting if you play on contrasts. Don’t be afraid to use saturated colors, such as black and red. With the right combination and enough light, you will get a stylish, voluminous space. If the palette is dark, you can, as in this project, mirror the inside of the front door — this will make the hallway seem more spacious and bright.

2. Graphic edging

If you prefer neutral base colors in the decoration and minimalism in the design, add concise but effective accents. For example, you can make a contrasting edging of the ceiling and doorways with the help of painting or dark moldings, as here.

3. Changing area made of slats

Eco-style, like minimalism, has been a trendy style for several years. It doesn’t have to be implemented in its pure form — it is enough to add a few details. For example, you can decorate part of the entrance area in wood, taking slats, as we did in this project. You can assemble any structure from them, attach hangers to the rungs, hang a shelf, and provide a seat at the bottom. They also use them to fence off this area from the front door to reduce pollution.

4. Monochrome and the Chamber of Secrets

Painting the hallway walls in one color is another solution that will highlight this area in the apartment. Due to this, you can “hide” the door to another room if it is too close to the front room. Such a layout is found in one-room apartments or studios in new buildings, as here. If you choose a flush-mounted door and paint it to match the walls, the space will seem more harmonious visually.

5. “Floating” cabinet

Any cabinet furniture looks massive, even if it is light in color. But there is an easy way to avoid this feeling – choose a wall-hung cabinet instead of a floor cabinet, you can with lighting at the bottom. First of all, it will make a large storage system appear visually lighter. Secondly, you can store a robot vacuum cleaner, compact sports equipment, or shoes at the bottom, as the author of this project suggests.

6. Hooks as an art object

The ideas of minimalism can be applied not only in the choice of finishes and storage planning but also in the decoration of the space. More often than not, the hallway is too small to waste precious space on non-functional décor, so take on board the idea from this project. The designer did not just allocate a place for the hanger, but made a real art object out of it, arranging 30 hooks in the shape of a square. From a distance, they look like a minimalist modern painting.

7. Bra & Accent Bench

Soft minimalism is another popular trend in interior design. Its main idea is to create a comfortable and functional space for living. If you are decorating the entrance area in this style, pay attention to the details. It is better to introduce accents not through bright colors and patterns, but, for example, by placing an unusual banquette, as in this project, and complementing it with elongated accent lamps on the wall.

8. Casket effect

Making the entire hallway dark is a wow solution worth taking note of. It is especially relevant for apartments where the hallway is small. And it doesn’t matter if it’s square or elongated. The main thing is to create a casket effect, in which the entire entrance area is painted in one dark shade. In front, there is a different finish, natural light from the windows, glass doors, etc. Thanks to this, you will get the effect of going out into the light if the hallway is long. And a compact entrance area, like in this apartment, will simply seem more spacious in contrast to the light palette.

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