5 Rooms You Can Use Pink Without Turning Them Into A Barbie House

Living room, bedroom, kitchen, nursery, and even bathroom – we look at examples of stylish and sophisticated interiors with pink color and find out why they look good.

1. Living room

Pink is a unique color in relation to the interior. You can create a monochrome space in its different shades or use it pointwise in accessories, setting a subtle delicate atmosphere. And also decorate the room with a pale, almost white tone or revive it with a bright shade of fuchsia.

If you want a neutral understated interior, but beige or white seems too hackneyed, try picking up different shades of pink, as in the first photo. By playing with color depth and mixing different textures and patterns, you’ll end up with a multi-dimensional, complex design that’s fun to look at. But do not forget that the more tones close to each other and complex combinations you make, the less likely it is to turn the living room into a dollhouse.

Another important point: muted dusty tones always look deeper and more multifaceted than bright plastic ones. They are especially well suited for sofas, ottomans, and armchairs. But the typical doll color should be used carefully as an accent and selected from a cold palette.

2. Bedroom

If you are going to repaint the bedroom and use a contrasting color wall in it, but do not want to get tired of your choice after a while, stop with pink. He is quite gentle and restrained in this room, but at the same time, he is not so often seen in apartments. There is a prejudice that this is an exclusively feminine or childish color, it is easily refuted by the examples of bedrooms in the gallery. When in doubt, introduce a couple of pink items into your bedroom: a throw, bedspread, pillow, ottoman or curtains. See how they overlap with each other, and listen to your feelings. 

3. Kitchen and dining room

You can add pink to the interior of the kitchen with the help of a kitchen set, but finding such models in the standard range of conventional manufacturers is quite difficult. Instead, you can try to play up the room with wall colors, furniture choices, and accessories. Combine pink accents in the kitchen with mint, dark, and light gray elements, and do not forget to set them off with live plants – they always make the interior fresh and original.

4. Children’s

If you want to decorate a nursery with pink, try to avoid bright neon and oversaturated colors. It is also better to avoid wallpapers with cartoons and deliberately girlish accessories. It is much more interesting to beat a part of the wall with this color or pick up furniture and textiles in a muted shade of a dusty rose. Complement them with white and gray, hang a garland, and add a couple of touching accessories like soft toys or posters for the walls.

5. Bathroom

If the bathroom is spacious enough and well-lit, don’t be afraid to use bright and rich shades of pink. You spend not so much time in it compared to the bedroom or living room, so even the most daring decision is unlikely to ever get boring. Look for plumbing in some unusual shade of dusty rose or fuchsia, and complement it with matte black faucets and valves – it will turn out very unhackneyed and fresh. Don’t forget about the walls: choose pink tiles in different formats and textures to create an interesting interior.

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