White kitchen with wooden countertop

A perfect white kitchen with a wooden worktop is easy. We share ideas and select a backsplash, wall, and floor decoration.

The combination of white and wood is one of the trends in 2024. Such an interior, inspired by the Scandinavian style, is not difficult to repeat. We will tell you how to decorate a white kitchen with a wooden countertop and a backsplash in the right color.

Types of countertops

Wood makes any interior cozier and warmer. You just need to choose the right material.

Solid or glued solid wood

The best materials for the kitchen worktop are hardwoods, such as oak or ash. The service life depends on the density of the wood. The softer the rock, the sooner the surface will be covered with scratches and dents.

Solid wood is a longitudinal cut of wood, it is quite expensive, but it looks great and lasts a long time. The surface is resistant to shocks and temperature changes.

Glued or composite solid wood is made of thin, well-dried lamellas, which are glued under a press. The cost of such an array is several times cheaper than that of a solid one, but in terms of properties and characteristics, it is not inferior to it. For example, such a surface is more resistant to moisture and less susceptible to deformation during operation. Glued solid wood can be all-laminated and spliced. In an all-lamella machine, long lamellae are connected only by width. The texture of such an array is more homogeneous, the seams are completely invisible, and the pattern is not interrupted along the length. In spliced gluing, lamellas 40-50 mm long are glued along the length and width, so the structure is more noticeable on such a surface and a characteristic pattern is manifested.


For a white kitchen with a wood-effect countertop, a chipboard is also suitable. Of course, this material is inferior to natural in terms of properties: it is less durable, more susceptible to deformation, and unstable to moisture. But with careful care, it can last quite a long time.

There are two options for chipboard: veneered and laminated with plastic. Veneer requires the same care as solid wood – it needs to be coated with oil and wax from time to time. Veneer cannot be restored, so it is worth keeping a close eye on it, wiping it in time, and limiting contact with moisture. Plastic-laminated chipboard is the most affordable option, but also the most short-lived. On the other hand, the coating exactly imitates the colors and structures of different rocks.

A set with matte fronts in the kitchen interior

Matte kitchen fronts are design classics. They are practical, especially in white. And the combination with wood will perfectly fit into any style: Provence, modern classics, or minimalism. But most often it is still chosen for Scandinavian interiors. They are characterized by the absence of décor and natural materials. And, for example, in neoclassicism, a kitchen with a wooden countertop can already be beaten with milling on cabinets, unusual fittings, and glass inserts in the doors.

When choosing matte fronts, it is easy to experiment with the height of the upper cabinets – they will not look bulky in this color. Rather, on the contrary, they will make the room visually larger. If ample storage is not a prerequisite, the upper module can be abandoned in favor of open shelves. An open storage system will add coziness, especially to the Scandi style. Such matte white kitchens with wooden countertops are in the photo in the gallery.

White glossy kitchen with wooden worktop

Gloss causes a lot of controversy: it looks more pretentious, adds a certain coldness, and needs constant care. But wood can balance out its visual coolness.

A glossy typeface will fit perfectly into minimalism. This style is uncharacteristically characterized by a large amount of décor, the emphasis is on materials and textures. And it is gloss and wood that can become such.

Finishing Tips

As for the finishing, the most important thing in the design of such an interior is to maintain a balance – there should not be too much natural texture. Let’s consider the most relevant and win-win options on how to play with the interior of a white kitchen with a wooden countertop


Even the most stylish white kitchen set with a wooden countertop is easy to ruin with the wrong backsplash. In the Scandinavian style, you can abandon bright, contrasting colors. The reason is that wood on a light background is already an active element, so adding additional accents to the decoration should be done with caution.

White tiles are a win-win. Imitations of brickwork, hexagons, and mosaics are perfect for such an interior. For a laconic backsplash not to look boring, experiment with the layout – diagonal, herringbone, vertical – and choose a contrasting grout for the joints.

As an alternative to white tiles in other styles, you can use voluminous rough bricks, majolica, fish scale shape, arabesque, or trendy marble-effect tiles.


For walls in small spaces, it is better to choose a neutral finish: paint or wallpaper to match the color of the set. But it is better to choose wallpaper for a white kitchen with a wooden countertop, plain, without patterns and drawings. Be sure to be moisture-resistant and washable.

If the area is larger than 10 squares, the wall can be painted with contrasting paint. Choose deep and not quite flashy tones: emerald, blue, maybe even burgundy.

Often, the entire wall is laid out with an apron, not just the narrow part of it in the cooking area. In this way, you can make an accent without overloading the space with another color.

Use wall décor such as murals, posters, or planters with climbing green plants – or hang wooden shelves and place cute spice jars, flower pots, and vases on them. It is important not to overload the walls with décor so as not to create visual noise.


A win-win floor finish is a wood-effect material (laminate, porcelain stoneware, or vinyl tiles), but provided that the backsplash is light. Too much wood in the interior will upset the balance. Opt for larger slices and a simple layout, either vertical or horizontal.

If the room is spacious, you can play with a brighter floor design. Tiles with a geometric pattern, imitating marble, patches will look good.

If you are not afraid of light floors, choose large fragments of porcelain stoneware. It is better to make the grout contrasting and dark. The light one will quickly become unusable, darkened by humidity and time. It will look sloppy. With a light floor and a set, it is worth continuing the theme of wood in the interior. You can match the dining table, add shelves to free walls, or limit yourself to kitchen décor: cutting boards, trays, and other little things.

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