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Owners of apartments with balconies or loggias have a good opportunity to turn an uncomfortable room, where they only go out to smoke, into a favorite place to relax. Popular loggia design ideas in the photo can be seen on the Internet, but creating your own design will be more interesting. According to our tips, loggia design photos, and 20 examples of styles for every taste, you can independently create the corner of your dreams. In this case, your balcony will be unique and not repeat other people’s ideas. By decorating your balcony with your own hands, you will enjoy the work done, as well as a comfortable place for a cozy pastime for many years. In this article, we will look at the most popular design ideas, and our selection of photographs will help you decide on the design of your loggia.

Loggia design  photo with step-by-step instructions on how to create it yourself

To start creating a loggia design project, you first need to decide what it will be used for. The interior of the loggia depends only on the imagination of the owners, but in any case, the repair process includes the following steps:

  1. Creation of a loggia design project

The first thing to do when planning a loggia renovation is to create a design project. Since we will be turning the loggia into a place to relax, there should be enough free space in it. If your loggia is modest in size, then a good option would be to combine it with a living room or kitchen, thereby creating a common room.

  1. Insulation of the loggia

To have a cozy and comfortable time on the loggia at any time of the year, it must be insulated. The laid insulation will relieve the cold in winter and the heat in summer.

To insulate walls, you can use foam sheets. Covering with foam plastic will visually hide surface unevenness and also provide additional heat and sound insulation.

The parapet is insulated with mineral wool, which is laid in the space between the outer side of the parapet and the external finishing. For better effect, the parapet can also be insulated from the loggia side. To insulate the floor, you first need to install wooden logs, between which you need to lay insulation – polystyrene foam or mineral wool.

  1. Interior decoration of the loggia

After the insulation has been completed, you need to start decorating the interior. Depending on the taste preferences of the owners, as well as on their financial capabilities, materials for decorative finishing are selected. The most popular finishing materials are wood and plastic.

 Loggia design photo finishing  in a certain style

Provence style

Provence style involves the use of natural materials – wood and stone. To imitate natural stone, you can use artificial stone or decorative plaster in the design of the loggia (See photo “Loggia design photo 2 in Provence style”). The color scheme should consist of light, but not bright colors. Wicker furniture or a small soft sofa with pillows and floral upholstery are perfect for furnishing. A small wrought iron table and flower pots with fresh flowers will fit perfectly into such an interior.

Modern style

To decorate loggias in a modern style, you can use the entire color palette, but the most popular colors are light brown, bright red, blue, and mint. A good option would be to decorate the walls with decorative wood panels. For furniture items, you can use frameless furniture or comfortable wicker chairs. The walls can be additionally decorated with modern paintings, and bright horizontal blinds can be hung on the windows.

Japanese style

This style involves the use of natural materials in wall decoration. Bamboo panels with printed hieroglyphs or lacquered furniture in dark shades will look good. To add zest to the interior, you can decorate the walls with Japanese fans or decorative panels.

Mediterranean style

To give the loggia a touch of the Mediterranean, it is necessary to use natural materials. The walls are lined with wood, and ceramic tiles are selected for the floor. The interior should remain airy, so you should not use large pieces of furniture.

High-tech style

Typical components of this style are:

  • Minimum amount of furniture;
  • Availability of glass or metal furniture;
  • Application of LED lighting;
  • Decorative items in silver or black

Country style

Country style is another fashionable solution for decorating a loggia. For this style, the use of decorative stone and wood is relevant. Colorful runners are laid on the floor, and burlap-like curtains are placed on the windows. For furniture, antique wooden chairs painted white are perfect.

Loft style

The loft style involves dividing the main room into thematic zones, so it will only be relevant for owners of larger loggias. Zoning is done using fabric screens or small partitions. Furniture items should contain only the essentials. The general interior of the balcony has one color scheme, designed in gray or blue tones.

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