Modern ideas for toilet design 2024

How important is toilet design? On the one hand, this is a fairly simple room in which no one usually stays longer than necessary. On the other hand, placing the toilet next to the kitchen and living room makes it one of the most frequently visited places in a house or apartment. The interior of a toilet, as a rule, can only accommodate a toilet and a sink, so its beautiful design can be quite problematic. The modern ideas and photos collected in this article will help you create a stylish and comfortable toilet design in 2024.

Modern toilet design – the best ideas and photos of 2024

Both in private homes and in modern apartments, the design of a toilet without a bathtub should include a sink for rinsing hands. When there is a lot of space, the washbasin can be built into a beautiful cabinet, complemented by a mirror on the wall, a houseplant, or small decor. To save space, a wall-hung washbasin or pedestal is more suitable.

In general, 3 main objects directly affect the convenience of the toilet interior: the door, the toilet, and the sink. Sliding or outward swinging doors give you more options for toilet and sink placement. The last two objects can be mounted on one wall or adjacent ones (L-shaped). The main thing is that there is at least 90 cm of free space in front of the toilet, otherwise, you will have to forget about convenience. In the following photos, you can see what the interior of a toilet with a washbasin on the wall next to the toilet might look like.

Modern toilet design can benefit from installing wall-mounted fixtures instead of floor-mounted ones. Thanks to a hidden installation in the wall and an unoccupied floor, the entire room will look cleaner, neater, and more spacious. If you have a separate bathroom, there is not much to store in the toilet, so you can do without cabinets and shelves altogether, allowing this interior to delight you with its freestyle and impeccable functionality.

Let’s look at some more modern ideas for 2024 and photos that show a beautiful toilet design. First of all, it is worth noting that modern people have the opportunity to save water consumption by combining a sink with a toilet. Thanks to a design like the one in the next photo, you can wash off with the same water you used to wash your hands with.

Among the fashionable ways to make the interior of a toilet not only comfortable but also interesting, we note the following:

  • Beautiful lamps on the walls or ceiling (a chandelier in the toilet is a 2024 trend);
  • LED lighting for furniture, mirrors, or ceilings, which illuminates the room without stealing excess space;
  • Combination of different materials and textures (wood and glossy tiles, matte tiles, and glass, brick, and steel);
  • Bright patterns on the walls (tile mosaic or wallpaper with a pattern);
  • Elegant decor: framed paintings, vases with flowers, figurines, souvenirs, etc.

Beautiful design of a small toilet: is it real?

The design of a small toilet is a real problem for small apartments such as Khrushchev. If you have not decided on remodeling and a combined bathroom, then the tips and photos in this article will help you create a stylish design for a toilet without a bathtub.

Quite often, the modern design of a small toilet does without a sink. In some cases, owners manage to fit a corner or simply a very compact model into the interior. Hanging plumbing, of course, is also preferable to floor-mounted ones here. Examples of such solutions are shown in the photo below.

In addition, the following popular ideas will help you make the design of a small toilet look freer and more spacious:

  1. A closed cabinet above the toilet will hide pipes, boiler, and household chemicals and make the interior seem neater and cleaner.
  2. Horizontal striped wallpaper that visually expands the space.
  3. Dark and glossy tiles, which, thanks to reflections, will help the room look larger.
  4. Large mirrors on the walls.
  5. Compact luminaires, such as recessed spotlights or LED backlighting.

Check out the modern design of a small toilet in the following photos.

Toilet design idea 2024: washing machine above the toilet

And yet, no matter how much we care about the design of the toilet, the bathroom is much more important. Therefore, in order to leave more free space in it, the washing machine today is often placed above the toilet. It is hidden behind cabinet doors, or placed in a niche (“on a shelf”), under which the toilet installation is hidden. Photos with examples of the design of a toilet with a washing machine complete our article today. We hope you found some interesting ideas for inspiration here!

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