Small and functional: apartment of 48 m² by the sea

The residential complex in which this apartment is located is located less than a hundred meters from the sea. And from the windows, there is a view of the blue surface. The designer couldn’t help but reflect this in the interior. Although the project itself is notable for its work with functionality and the successful use of all available meters.

Customer & Tasks

This apartment belongs to a woman, the owner of a beauty salon. This dwelling was planned as a weekend apartment: for rest, relaxation, and reception of adult daughters. The landlady has a house where she lives permanently.

“It was necessary to create a corner where she would be transported to a completely different atmosphere, away from work, the hustle and bustle of the city. Previously, a client approached me for the design of an apartment for her daughter, a student, and then she wanted to design an apartment for herself. The apartment, although small, is warm and cozy,” says designer Suzanna Tasalieva about the project.

The hostess had clear wishes for the functionality of her future “corner of relaxation and tranquility”: a separate bedroom, a dressing room, a sofa as an additional bed, two TVs.


From the developer, it was a one-room apartment with a kitchen-living room and a separate bedroom. There was also a balcony. The designer proposed to remove the partition separating the room from the kitchen-living room, and to allocate a small isolated space for the bedroom near the window, hidden behind sliding glass partitions.

Part of the kitchen area was given over to a dressing room with access from the hallway. The living room was organized on the remaining area of the room. The kitchen and living room are now zoned with a partition in the form of a suspended column, on which a swivel TV is located (the designer came up with this solution in order not to put two screens, the swivel TV can be watched both from the kitchen and from the living room, even lying on the bed in the bedroom). Underneath there is a bio fireplace.


Paint was chosen for the decoration of the walls. The designer characterizes this finish as comfortable, as you can choose any color, repaint if necessary, or touch up where necessary. In the bedroom, the walls were decorated with 3D panels and wallpaper panels (they decorated the wall opposite the bed).

On the balcony, decorative slats were used on the end wall and ceiling.

The bathroom is equipped with large-format porcelain stoneware and accent tiles. For the floor in the entire apartment, except for the bathroom, we chose vinyl tiles imitating wood and laid it in a herringbone pattern. Vinyl quartz is not afraid of water and dirt, it can be installed in the kitchen and in the hallway, on the balcony. And this material is increasingly chosen for small apartments, so as not to “split” the space with different finishes.

Mirrors also play a significant role in the decoration. The walls in the hallway and kitchen are decorated with mirror panels. This not only visually enlarges the space — one of the main advantages of mirrors and reasons to use them in the design of small apartments — but also adds grandeur to the interior.

As for the color, the designer opted for a neutral palette. The exception was the blue hallway, which “came out” of the blue door from the developer. The door was eventually replaced but chosen in the same color. Blue was introduced into the interior of the hallway and bathroom (accent wall of the shower room). Accents of this color are in the details in the main space.

Furniture & Storage Systems

As the hostess wanted, the designer provided a dressing room, where there is space for everyday clothes, household items, and shoes. For small things in the hallway, there is a hanging cabinet.

The necessary appliances were built into the straight kitchen set. We chose a compact two-burner cooktop. One part of the kitchen is occupied by built-in showcases for beautiful dishes and décor. The role of the dining table is played by the kitchen island.

In the bathroom, a cabinet was installed under the sink, where the washing machine is hidden. For additional storage, a cabinet was provided above the installation of the toilet bowl and open shelves next to it.


“There is a lot of light in the apartment,” Susanna comments. “Almost everywhere there are built-in lamps. The bathroom has shelf lighting, and mirrors. I really like to use additional light in the bathroom, it’s convenient. For example, at night, in order not to turn on the main light and not to irritate the eyes, you can turn on an additional one with a light warm backlight. In the shower area there is lighting from the ceiling, if you wish, you can not turn on the main light, but only the decorative one, plus decorative lighting emphasizes the aesthetic quality of porcelain stoneware.

In the sofa area, there is a sconce for reading. It was decided to make the partition between the kitchen and the living room with lighting from the ceiling as an additional light evening light. Above the island there are pendant lamps in the form of droplets, we chose these lamps because of their lightness, and transparency, and they look beautiful as a décor. In the bedroom, on the sides of the bed, there is a sconces for reading. On the side of the window, I decided to make pendant lamps. The dressing room has shelf lighting. On the loggia, I decided not to do a lot of light, there is light with the help of LED lines between the wooden slats on the ceiling and on the wall.”

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