How to decorate a micro kitchen in a studio of 34 m²

From a one-room apartment, the designer created two full-fledged studios with stunning kitchens — today we are talking about one of them

Designer Nika Cherednikova created a very interesting project: she turned a one-room apartment with an area of 34 square meters into two full-fledged studios. On a tiny square footage, we managed to organize everything you need: from competent storage to two kitchen-living rooms. And most importantly, we managed to meet the budget. Today we are talking about the first compact kitchen with an unusual backsplash – get inspired and take note of interesting ideas.

The first studio turned out to be in a cold color scheme — it was possible to place four main functional zones here. The kitchen occupies the largest space.

how to decorate a micro kitchen in a studio 1

Porcelain stoneware was used on the floor: the budget was limited. The geometric pattern adds contrast and dilutes the color of the floor. On the walls there is paint, with the help of which we made a color block: we highlighted the kitchen and hallway areas.

how to decorate a micro kitchen in a studio 2

The facades of the kitchen were selected to match the color of the paint: since it was necessary to meet the budget, they are made of ordinary laminated chipboard – the material has a limited palette. When the salon chose a blue color, the designer came to the salon of finishing materials and found a suitable shade of paint.

how to decorate a micro kitchen in a studio 3

Another feature is a mirror apron. If there were ordinary tiles here, the volume would disappear. The mirror reflects the light from the window, so even more air is added to the room, and the boundaries of the walls are lost. You might think that mirrors aren’t the most practical solution. But they don’t cook much in this kitchen, so the mirrors stay clean.

how to decorate a micro kitchen in a studio 4

The countertop is made of a compact plate: the sink made of artificial stone fits well into it. The faucet and detergent dispenser were chosen in white to make everything drain and look more airy.

how to decorate a micro kitchen in a studio 5

There is no hob on the countertop, but it is provided – we preferred a desktop induction model, stored in one of the drawers. Sockets were made in the mirror in advance — when it was made, the sockets were built-in.

how to decorate a micro kitchen in a studio 6

The size of the kitchen is small, but it turned out to be roomy: the drawer stores cutlery, dishes, a garbage can, one of the fronts can be detached and a dishwasher can be installed in this compartment.

how to decorate a micro kitchen in a studio 7

In the column, there is a small refrigerator, a microwave oven, and plates. If you need an oven, there is also space for it.

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