How to make a functional tiny apartment: Tips

In the example, 28 sq.m. studio apartment.

Designer Victoria Butvina designed a studio with an area of 28 square meters in St. Petersburg. The apartment is designed for rent and was supposed to be comfortable and functional, despite the modest square footage. Here’s how we managed to do it.

No partitions

Only the bathroom was separated from the living space. There are no other partitions. Due to this, the room looks more voluminous and bright. The recreation area and the work area were highlighted with a gray-blue shade, which, depending on the activity of daylight, changed from gray to noble blue.

2-in-1 furniture

When every centimeter counts, you can and should combine the functions of objects. Here, the designer used a cabinet that turns into a countertop, which is both a workplace and a dressing table simultaneously.

Small kitchen with basic necessities

“We thought that a large kitchen was not required for 1-2 guests, so we placed a compact and functional kitchen set, which has a dishwasher and an extractor hood, an electric hob. The kitchen is custom-made. For painting the facades made of MDF, the RAL shade was selected, the kitchen body was made of laminated chipboard.

Custom-made furniture

It is very difficult to choose ready-made furniture for a small apartment. To use the space as efficiently as possible, it is worth making some of the items custom-made. “The wardrobe was designed strictly for the dimensions of the box with the ventilation system of the apartment complex formed by the developer, the working area is also made to order, but from a simpler laminated chipboard material,” says the designer.

Niche for cabinet and mirror

In the entrance area, a cabinet with a drawer, an ottoman, and a mirror will come in handy. To do this, at the planning stage, a niche was left between the wall and the cabinet body. For the mirror, there is an electrical output for backlighting.

Under-countertop washing machine

A very convenient and affordable solution is to use a countertop, under which a hanging cabinet and a washing machine stand. It’s comfortable and stylish.

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