Pink townhouse in Mexico designed by César Béjar Studio

Sandwiched between identical townhouses, this home makes a strong statement with its bright pink façade. The project by César Béjar Studio is devoid of decorativeness, and light and color themselves become the main tools in the hands of architects.

Thanks to its structure, the house seems to float above the street, and the color and shape, contrasting with the surrounding landscape, attract the eye. Thanks to the rough textured finish of the façade, it appears to be carved from large pink stone.

The windows and balconies of the building are designed so that the interior spaces are protected from the scorching southern sun. Although pink turns the project into a loud statement, monochrome helps maintain notes of brutality and minimalism. Inside, almost nothing reminds of the bright exterior decoration. The townhouse interiors are minimalist spaces, almost completely devoid of color, where the main role is played with light and scale.

Designed in neutral, light shades, spaces act as a blank canvas. The courtyard becomes another source of natural light. Pink patio walls create a play of reflections in the space, and windows with blue and yellow colored filters fill the home with beautiful colored light.

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