Ceiling frescoes were hidden for years under…

Irma says “It was like a miracle for me to discover these ceiling frescoes hidden for years under the thick layer of paintings. Ceiling decoration created using authentic and extremely rare technology has become an exclusive accent of this interior. Restoration of this little part of history required a lot of time and energy until the ceiling became the most impressive home decoration. To emphasize their uniqueness, we chose an elegant white color for the walls, doors, and wall cabinets. Walls also were decorated with modern plaster moldings, thus making a fusion of the “old” and the “new” into one integrity.
A hall and a bathroom were planned in the former shared kitchen. Unfortunately, it was not possible to preserve the authentic ceiling in these spaces, so we decided not to imitate the ancient and to install these premises in a modern way. The living room and kitchen are in the same space, so we wanted the kitchen to be completely “invisible”. It merges with the living room furniture and nicely disappears into the space. All the furniture, decor elements, and mirrors in the house were newly crafted and represent modern design, but they perfectly join the historic interior.”

Author: Irma Pivoriūnienė
Photographer: Norbert Tukaj
Location: Lithuania
Year: 2020

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