Workplace in the bedroom: 50 examples

The modern approach to work has led to a rethinking of the very concept of the office. People have become more mobile and are increasingly working from home. At the same time, not all apartments have the opportunity to allocate an entire room for a home office. A bedroom and an office in one room is an options for solving this problem.

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Unlike the living room or kitchen, where the whole family often gathers, the bedroom is a quieter, more secluded space where nothing will distract from work. The main thing is to arrange the desktop so that there is no temptation to move to the bed – prolonged work on a laptop in bed may not have the best effect on the health of the neck and back. In addition, for efficient work and comfortable sleep, the design of a bedroom with a workplace involves the separation of the “office” area and the recreation area.

The design of the bedroom-study provides for many options for placing the workplace – first of all, it all depends on the area and configuration of the room. One of the most popular options is in front of a window. You can use a table or use a window sill, increasing it and turning it into a work surface.

The advantages are obvious: lots of natural light, easy to take a break and look out the window, resting your eyes. The disadvantages are the same – because of the light, the monitor screen can glare, and what is happening on the street can distract from work. Properly selected blinds or curtains will help: for example, roller or Roman. They will shade the window without completely blocking the access to light, and besides, they will not touch objects standing on the table.

Often in projects, you can see a workplace in the bedroom against the wall. A significant advantage of this arrangement is that, as a rule, the bed does not fall into the field of view and, in general, there is little to distract from business. If the room has a niche, a miniature home office can successfully fit in it too – if there is not enough space for a full-fledged table, you can install a countertop.

A wardrobe with a hidden workplace is not always obvious, but also a popular option that allows you to comfortably decorate the interior of a bedroom-study. On sale there are ready-made options with folding countertops or hidden inside behind the doors.

A multifunctional option is a desktop on the side of the bed, instead of a bedside table. There is a place for a laptop, and for a night light, and for a mirror – if the table is also used as a toilet.

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