Trends 2023/2024: Organic furniture

The Abalon series is a sculptural design by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Vitra. The shape of the furniture (sofa and armchairs) is inspired by the shell of the sea snail.

The organically curved high backrest creates a safe environment and gives a sense of protection, provides comfortable support, and invites you to sit down and relax. Thin divergent legs are characteristic, providing a high degree of stability. The frame of the sofa can be covered in front and behind in different ways. The base is made of powder-coated steel and is available in dark black and mint colors. The frame is made of metal, and the filler is made of polyurethane foam.

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec developed the Abalon collection over three years, drawing on architect Christopher W. Alexander – A Pattern Language, a book that has had a profound impact on design, engineering, architecture, and programming. It, first published in 1977, presents a radically new approach to architecture and construction – outlining the idea that people themselves should design their homes and cities. And this idea relies on a simple observation: the most remarkable places on the planet were created not by architects, but by ordinary people. The book contains 250 templates. Templates answer architectural questions: how high to make windows, how many floors should be in the building, and what area in the micro-district to allocate for trees and lawns.

“From the point of view of the owner, it is obvious that he should be surrounded by things that are most significant to him, which can participate in the continuous process of self-transformation, which is life. That’s clear.

However, in our time, this function is gradually undermined, as people began to pay more attention to the reaction of the outside world, began to look around them and look at others, at those who come to visit them; therefore, they replace natural decorative items with something that, in their opinion, should appeal to guests and impress them. Here is the motive behind the modern interior design and décor offered by women’s magazines. And designers, taking advantage of this concern, develop a complete design project and tell people that they have no right to rearrange anything in the house, repaint the walls, or even add some plants, because they are not attached to the secrets of the “right design”.

But the irony is that the guests who enter the room need all this nonsense no more than the people living in it. It is much more entertaining to go into a room that is a living reflection of a person or group of people, thanks to which you can get an idea of their lives, their history, their inclinations, if all this is clearly read in furniture, objects hanging on the walls, in trinkets standing on shelves. When it is possible to get such impressions, unsophisticated as wildflowers, then artificially created interiors, which are the product of modern decor, turn out to be completely untenable. “

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