A restaurant with an Australian spirit designed by Geometry Bureau

The team of the Geometry design bureau under the leadership of Irina Glik designed the interior of the CuttaCutta restaurant. The name of the establishment refers to one of the most beautiful places on earth – a system of caves in northern Australia. In the local language, CuttaCutta means “cave where the stars sleep.” Inspired by nature, the elements of fire and air, the designers created an authentic space in which the Australian spirit reigns.

“When the famous chef and restaurateur Glen Ballis approached us, he wanted to create a place that would be associated with his native Australia, wildlife, rocks, and the sea,” said the authors of the project. — We created the interior through subtle associations, without direct figurative references. As a result, the space is built on laconic lines, restraint, natural materials, and unique lighting designed specifically for this project.”

“The space is filled with details and subtle contrasts that you gradually begin to notice. Natural textured marble, smooth lines of architecture, and shades of decoration refer us to the image of a cave. The fire from the stove continues on the walls in a gradient, creating a soot effect. The abundance of natural wood and neutral shades, moss, and the reflections of the lamp – all this immerses you in a state of harmony and sets you up for a pleasant holiday.”

“The space is divided into two blocks. The small hall is integrated into the passage arch and creates the feeling of a quiet courtyard surrounded by greenery. In the main hall, we find ourselves in the atmosphere of an impromptu picnic. Romantic tableware contrasts with the clean lines of the interior and creates a special mood of lightness and celebration.”

“Gray matte marble, gradient-tinted natural oak, reflections and highlights of smooth lines of stainless steel, woven threads, textured fabric and leather in furniture – all this creates a special atmosphere in the establishment. The main coloring of the space is set by the transition of the depth of shade from the dark stove to the light windows – a symbolic movement from darkness to light. An accent chandelier above the communal table creates a festive feel. In the corner of the main hall, a floor lamp surrounded by a pile of real moss casts rays throughout the space. For dynamics, dynamic light in the shade of red-hot lava is integrated into the veins of gray marble on the floor.”

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