The most fashionable sofas of 2023: 9 trends and 95 photos of stylish models

Rounded lines and modular systems, natural shades, and spectacular duo-chrome – we tell you which models and colors of sofas are currently in trend.

In the interior, it is large upholstered furniture that first of all attracts attention. It forms the palette and geometry of the room and sets the overall tone of the design. In this article, we tell and show examples of how to choose a beautiful sofa: we list the current models and the most fashionable color combinations for any style.

In the near future, we are waiting for several stable trends. Rely on them to choose a trendy sofa that will not lose its relevance through the season.

Rounded lines

One of the main general trends of this year (which, most likely, will only strengthen its position) is the move away from sharp corners towards natural streamlined shapes. The fashion for rounded lines was determined by several factors: the return of retro popularity, especially of the 60s and 70s, the desire to get closer to nature, and, of course, the perception of the interior as a kind of anti-stress factor that gives a feeling of comfort and safety.

In 2023, this fashion trend among sofas is expressed in the predominance of rounded models: crescents, retro-style shells, smooth zigzags, and full-fledged round “islands”. The main advantage of this trend is its versatility. You can choose an elegant sofa in boucle upholstery for a neoclassical living room, laconic furniture for minimalism, or a simple option for Scandinavian.

Modular systems

Do not lose relevance and modular systems – such furniture as a whole is now in trend. The bottom line is simple: you do not buy a finished product but assemble yourself according to the principle of a designer.

Modular designs have several important benefits:

  • Variability – you can choose the shape, size, content, and functionality exactly according to your wishes and the layout of the room. And although such designs are made to order, which means they cost more than standard models, this makes the whole design more ergonomic and individual.
  • Multifunctionality – in addition to the seats themselves, you can add a bed, cabinets and shelves, storage space, tables, and even mini-racks to the modular system.
  • Appearance – the modern design of sofas in 2023 is relevant in any style. The modular group will fit into the canonical contemporary, loft, and even eclecticism, where, for example, minimalist furniture is combined with classic decor.


Another global trend is the desire for minimalism. This is manifested not only in the rejection of unnecessary furniture and decorations but also in the visual component of the design.

If you want to design a discreet, “clean” interior, choose a sofa for the seating area:

  • A simple silhouette, without complex shapes and too sharp broken lines.
  • In calm natural shades (if the palette is monochrome, the furniture can practically merge with the finish).
  • With laconic plain textiles to match the upholstery – or without it at all.
  • With an emphasis on textures instead of bright decorative elements.

Corner models

Corner furniture is often associated with typical nineties interiors, where all items were placed around the perimeter of the room.

But today, manufacturers offer modern models that look relevant and at the same time help to effectively use all the available space.

How to use L-shaped sofas in the interior in 2023:

  • Fill the corner of an elongated room, completely occupying it with a soft group.
  • Use as a zoning tool – for example, put it not against the wall, as is usually done, but place it in the center of the kitchen-living room, visually highlighting the recreation area.
  • Organize a real lounge area in a small apartment by adding a couple of ottomans and a coffee table to the sofa. Such a soft group is suitable for chamber meetings with friends, house parties or family movie shows. Also, multifunctional models will be relevant for small spaces: sofa beds , transformers with table armrests, etc.

Large format

Modern design is increasingly playing with scale and rethinking the usual dimensions of certain interior elements.

Increasingly, large forms are found, especially in minimalist interiors where there is little furniture and decor, so you need to fill the space. If space permits, choose scale models that can comfortably accommodate a whole company, rather than 2-3 people. Most often, such compositions are made up of modules. You can arrange them in different ways: an amphitheater, divided into several separate blocks, L- or U-shaped. This trend looks especially impressive in large spaces with high ceilings – for example, in authentic lofts or apartments of the old stock. And, of course, in country houses.

Trendy colors

Consider the most relevant colors for sofas in 2023. Several trends stand out clearly.

Natural shades

The fashion for naturalness has not gone away and is unlikely to pass in the coming years. The design of living spaces strives for comfort, softness, and naturalness. Increasingly, monochrome interiors are being designed or colors close to each other are chosen for the palette – without bright and too sharp transitions. Large furniture in this case is selected according to the principle of decoration, as a continuation of the general relaxed background. 

The most popular warm colors are beige, brown, and all their variations, from shortbread to milk chocolate. In the cold spectrum, it is primarily gray with its variety of tones: light and dark, delicate and brutal. If you want to add color, brighter textiles do an excellent job with this task. Or you can choose upholstery in any natural shade of green, blue, or red – but it should be a little dusty, not flashy.


Graphic without bright colors is another hot trend that finds its embodiment in upholstered furniture.

Black and white or simply achromatic interiors are now at the peak of popularity: it is stylish and spectacular, but not too colorful. White, black, and gray, in principle, always look good, and well-chosen shades and textures make the whole design of the room more noble and luxurious. At the same time, achromats are very easy to combine with other shades if they appear in the palette. Or completely abandon the color – this is a popular technique for minimalism, contemporary, and Scandinavian.

But if gray furniture is quite familiar, then a black or white sofa in the interior will give a real wow effect. But at the same time, they cause many concerns, especially the prospect of caring for light upholstery. There is nothing to be afraid of regular care and the right fabric (durable, moisture resistant, preferably with protective impregnation) easily solve this problem.

Sofa as an accent

Despite the general tendency to use the calmest basic shades in the interior, there is always a place for color.

The sofa is a large element of the interior, which occupies a central place in the room both functionally and visually. Along with this, more and more often designers are moving away from the classic technique – adding accents through decor (which becomes less in minimalist spaces). Instead, you can make one piece of furniture bright – against a general neutral background, it will look especially impressive.

If you like the idea of ​​a sofa as the main color accent, use any saturated color, but be sure to use a noble deep shade. Looks best when paired with a neutral palette.:

  • Blue and cyan.
  • Green or mint.
  • Terracotta and ocher.
  • Wine, pomegranate, raspberry, brick.
  • Dense shades of yellow.

Two colors

Colorful patterns are a thing of the past – we are used to laconic and plain upholstered furniture.

But in 2023, the brightness through the ornament was replaced by a compromise and at the same time a very stylish solution – duo-chrome models. Most often, this technique is found in modular systems, for which separate sections of two different colors are selected. But some manufacturers also offer finished products in this design.

Duochrome may look different:

  • Each part of the sofa has its own color.
  • Different shades of base and seat.

The first option is typical for modern models, the second is more classic.

When choosing colors, it is better to use one base (for example, gray, black, brown, or beige), and the second is brighter. It is important that both shades fit into the overall palette. It is advisable to support them with other elements: for example, through textiles, decor, or finishing elements.

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