6 designer kitchens with a sofa instead of chairs

Sometimes in projects, you can see small sofas in dining groups – they are combined with a pair of chairs. Looks cozy. Let’s look at real examples!

1. Kitchen in the style of “soft” minimalism

In this one-room apartment, designed by Natalia Leifer, the dining group consists of a table, a pair of chairs, and a sofa. The style today can be described as soft minimalism. This softness is created through palettes and textures. Delicate coffee and beige colors, bouclé sofa upholstery, rounded shapes – everything creates the impression of an enveloping cocoon. In fact, it turned out to be an analog of the living area (there is no full-fledged living room in the apartment, the only room is the bedroom).

2. Sunny kitchen

This apartment, designed by designer Tatyana Rtishcheva, is a real family nest. It once belonged to the grandparents of the current owner of the apartment. The kitchen is one of the brightest rooms. This feeling is created due to the sunny color of the walls. In the dining area, there is a mini sofa in a contrasting blue hue that goes well with the walls. This is a place not only for eating, but also for relaxing for the owner of the apartment – she wanted to organize an area for evening reading for herself, and the sconces above the sofa help to make the space even more comfortable.

3. Kitchen with a retro vibe

In this one-room apartment, designer Svetlana Kuksova was able to allocate an additional zone – due to the fact that she divided the room into two: a bedroom and a living room. 

The compact kitchen contains a functional set and a cozy dining area, which consists of a small table, a pair of Viennese chairs, and a small sofa. It is more like a chair in shape and size. But the presence of this element made the dining group even more comfortable. The shape of the furniture adds a retro vibe.

4. Cozy kitchen in an apartment for a mature couple

In this apartment, designed by Alisa Kashcheeva, a sofa in the kitchen was one of the wishes of the owners – a mature married couple. Thus, they wanted to create an analog of the living room, which is not in the apartment (this is a single room, and the only room is reserved for the bedroom. The designer fulfilled the wish.

The apartment as a whole, and the kitchen in particular, are decorated in light, “marshmallow” colors and the sofa is matched in blue upholstery – it turned out to be a beautiful contrast. 

5. Bright kitchen with comfortable dining area

The kitchen was originally elongated, so zoning became necessary. The set is located where communications were provided, and the dining area is by the window. It consists of a round table, two classic-style chairs, and a sofa – quite large compared to the rest in this collection. Neutral upholstery and a straight shape go well with fairly active chairs, as well as a bright niche where the decor is exposed. It turned out to be a cozy and relaxing dining area.

6. “Juicy” kitchen in one bedroom apartment

This apartment again does not have a living room – the choice was made in favor of the bedroom, but designer Victoria Vishnevskaya fit the sofa in the kitchen. The sofa in the dining group is adjacent to a pair of chairs. And it stands with his back not to the wall, but to the window – another difference from what we saw in the previous examples. 

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