How to choose the right podium bed: designer tips

A platform bed is considered an excellent solution for small rooms. But it is not suitable for everyone – choosing this option, you should consider all the pros and cons

The podium bed perfectly zones the space and can solve several functional tasks in the interior at once. But there are also downsides to this solution. We understand together with an expert what these beds are and how they differ from each other.

Pros and cons of a podium bed


  • additional storage space;
  • you can zone a room without installing additional partitions while maintaining a sense of spaciousness;
  • multifunctionality, the ability to use as a sofa, a place for games, or a hobby;
  • original and effective interior solution;
  • the ability to make to order for specific needs and take into account the characteristics of the room (helps to hide the flaws of the room).


  • looks bad in a room with low ceilings;
  • difficult to move to another place if necessary;
  • inconvenient option for the elderly;
  • high price.

Types of podium beds


This design makes it possible to organize a spacious storage system in the bed thanks to all kinds of shelves, drawers, side systems, or niches. Such a bed allows you to do in a room without a chest of drawers or a wardrobe. Part of the niches can be hidden from prying eyes. So, some hide a safe or dressing room in a special hatch by the bed.


A monolithic podium is quite heavy (may require concreting during installation) and does not have the multifunctional advantages of frame models.

With retractable design

The bed podium with a retractable design is perfect for a small room or studio apartment. The berth can only be pulled out at night, allowing you to make the most of the saved space for a recreational area or, conversely, a study.


Typically, such podiums are chosen for spacious rooms or rooms with a non-standard layout. Such a bed will inevitably become the center of attraction for the eyes, the rest of the design of the room will be oriented towards it. For long and narrow rooms, this option is not suitable.

Platform bed options

In a small room

A podium with a pull-out bed helps create a convenient storage space and saves space. In a narrow room, you should not install such a bed along long walls, as well as in the center.

In the nursery

For a nursery, a retractable model is most suitable. A bed that can be hidden in a frame during the day will help to successfully design a study space or equip a sleeping place for two children.

In a studio

A podium bed can be a real salvation for the studio, with its help you can delimit the space, for example, into a working part and a relaxation area.

In the living room

A podium with a pull-out bed is suitable for a one-room apartment, where often the living room and bedroom occupy one room. This option is suitable for hospitable hosts who often need extra beds.

On the balcony

The bed can also be equipped on the balcony, however, for this it should be properly insulated . A good option is to leave access to the inner space of the podium in order to organize additional storage space there. But it is better to refuse the idea of ​​building a monolithic structure on the balcony.

In what interiors are podium beds appropriate?

East style


High tech

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