Self-leveling floor: 25 solutions for apartments and country houses

In modern interior design, the self-leveling floor has long ceased to be perceived as a finishing material exclusively for industrial and public interiors. Designers prefer practical self-leveling floors in the interiors of apartments and country houses.

The self-leveling floor in the apartment can act as a neutral background for bright accents, active textures, and pieces of furniture. He can also connect different rooms into a single whole or, conversely, zone a large open space. A common technique is parquet or a massive board in the living room area smoothly turns into a self-leveling floor in the kitchen and dining room.

British minimalist John Pawson has completed an apartment project in London’s Barbican. Surfaces everywhere are painted white, and the floor is made gray, which is a subtle homage to the concrete facade of the building.

A small villa in Pineiros is an example of the work of the Brazilian modernist Rui Otake. In the Otake project, concrete is combined with warm wood and polymer self-leveling floors.

The architects of the Sabo Project studio have updated the duplex of 154 square meters. meters in the fifth arrondissement of Paris. The main material of the interior is birch plywood. Zoning of the open space of the living-dining room is carried out by coatings: bare concrete on the ceiling is replaced by white paint, the plank floor turns into a pouring floor.

The apartment of the Berlin architect Esther Brutzkus, Bruzkus Batek Architects. The combination of pink and green shades runs through the entire interior. The delicacy of pastel colors is balanced by the strict color and texture of the self-leveling floor and concrete ceiling.

Despite the visual coldness, self-leveling floors can make the room friendly and comfortable. First of all, the material sets the interior a modern note. Often, the self-leveling floor is used in the reconstruction of historical spaces to balance the classical elements.

Belgian studio TJIP knows how to create the illusion of space in miniature interiors. Thomas Mesart used these techniques when arranging his own house in Ghent. For the minimalist space of the kitchen-living-dining room, the architect chose self-leveling floors.

Thanks to the efforts of the duo Mar Plus Ask, the space of the former supermarket turned into an aesthetic minimalist apartment. The spacious room, located in a building from 1900, has ceilings four meters high, a self-leveling concrete floor and a private garden on the patio.

Diana Clemente, the founder of the DNKЕY agency, was the author of the interior of her own house in the province of Treviso. The self-leveling floors in the living room set a modern note and rejuvenate the old house.

The material is also actively used in the design of small apartments. Light self-leveling floors visually expand the space and increase the amount of reflected light. It is not necessary to dwell on shades of white or gray. A bright self-leveling floor will emphasize the overall concept of the interior.

Studio Ruetemple has created a minimalistic and practical interior for a young person working in the field of IT-design. The entire space of the apartment is 40 square meters. meters in the decoration of the poured white floor DBSG.

A small apartment of 48 square meters is a new project of architect Boris Denisyuk, Buro5. The concept of a laconic interior is based on vertical planes for painting, self-leveling floors, and functional pieces of furniture.

Alexandra Potapova (Workshop Studio) designed an apartment for young customers. Non-standard techniques in the decor were combined with timeless Scandinavian design. The architect made the floors in all rooms poured, without thresholds and joints. She rightly believes that such a coating blurs the boundaries between rooms – this is especially valuable in small apartments.

Ekaterina Rulinskaya and Alexey Korablev, architectural bureau Zrobym architects, presented a project of an apartment in gray tones in Minsk. The apartment of 60 square meters. meters is intended for a temporary stay: the owner of the house from Italy stays here from time to time.

The Lebanese studio Eliemetni fit on 15 square meters of everything that a guest of a removable micro-residence may need. To increase the amount of light, the walls were painted white, and the floor was poured with snow-white epoxy resin.

Designers choose self-leveling floors for country houses and apartments not only because of aesthetics, but also practicality – they are very convenient to clean, have increased wear resistance, and are hygienic and durable.

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