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Trends 2023/2024: Small Apartments

Small apartments and compact spaces, created according to all the rules of comfort, are an unconditional trend. And it can be traced from Europe to America. 18 square meters in Buenos Aires turned out to be for the architects of the Argentine bureau IR arquitectura a huge field for the implementation of ideas and experiments with the square.

The apartment is located in a house of the 1950s. It occupies the “ochava”, or corner of the second floor of the building, above the entrance to the house from the street. On the outside, there is a bay window balcony, lined with a thin perforated mesh, bizarre and modern. Undoubtedly, the special feeling of spaciousness in this tiny apartment is supported by high ceilings.

The balcony is separated from the apartment by a balcony partition. Translucent white wavy “skin” enhances the effect of the atrium, as well as the ceiling, covered with white glossy enamel. The shadows of the treetops and the light are reflected on them. The glazed balcony serves as a heat trap for heating the apartment in the winter.

Inside, the result is no less impressive. The kitchen and laundry room were carefully designed and equipped with a secret panel, behind which the bathroom is hidden. The bedroom and work area are located on the podium.

Racks allow you to zone the space while maintaining a sense of integrity. Storage is the most important part of small apartments, and here it is given maximum attention: every square centimeter is taken into account.

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