Kitchen without wall cabinets: 13 examples

A kitchen without upper cabinets makes the space visually larger, adds natural light to the cooking area, but at the same time reduces the amount of storage space. We will guide through and let understand who is suitable for such a kitchen, and tell you how best to decorate it.

How to organize storage in the kitchen without upper wall cabinets

A kitchen without upper cabinets will halve the amount of storage space. On the one hand, it is an opportunity to reconsider your collection of dishes and appliances. Surely in the farthest corners, there are things that have not been used for a long time, which are a pity to throw away. Changing the headset will help clear the space. On the other hand, if you have a large family or you are a fan of cooking, you will have to think about additional storage systems. For example, some of the appliances and pans can fit into a kitchen island with cabinets or allocate a special buffet or showcase for fragile dishes.

Layout options


The linear layout can be used for both a large and a very small kitchen. It all depends on the length of the working surface. In any case, a kitchen without wall cabinets will help to visually stretch the space.

L-shaped layout

An L-shaped kitchen is good because it allows you to arrange the stove, sink, and refrigerator according to the rule of the “working triangle”, as well as use the corner and two walls. You can place such a set opposite the window in order to use natural light during cooking, and not the backlight on the upper cabinets.

U-shaped layout

The U-shaped layout is the most convenient since everything is always at hand. True, this option is possible only in fairly spacious kitchens or with a separate dining area. The disadvantages include the bulkiness of the U-shaped headset, but the advantages that cover all the minuses are the window opposite the sink and a large working area.

Where to place the necessary equipment

The hood, refrigerator, and dishwasher can be installed without problems in absolutely any kitchen. The hood, for example, can be made part of the design, painting it in the color of the walls or a headset, or turned into an art object, playing with geometric shelves, as in the project of Olga Maleva. Or, if there is a desire to leave the wall completely empty, build it directly into the countertop.

The dish dryer is also easy to integrate directly into the countertop. It will completely eliminate the fall of a plate or cup from a height and make the cooking process more convenient for people who are short.

As for the refrigerator, it is just as easy to integrate into the kitchen. It is enough to leave a place from the edge and use the same facades.

How to decorate an empty wall

At first glance, a kitchen without hanging cabinets may look empty – it seems that the integrity of the kitchen is broken and something is missing. Minimalism is not to everyone’s taste, so the wall can be made accentuated, decorated with a painting, or a picture, or highlighted with a bright apron or contrasting color. In addition, you can use hanging shelves here, which will become an additional storage space.

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