Villa plane in Bali

31-year-old Russian entrepreneur Felix Demin will turn a Boeing-737 aircraft into a minimalist villa.

An exotic villa will appear in Bali in March 2023, which will be rented out. It was created from a decommissioned Boeing-737 ten years ago. The plane was once owned by the Indonesian airline Mandala Air, which stopped flying long ago – and has not been used since. 

Now the plane can be seen on a steep cliff above the Balinese coast of Nyang Nyang. The idea to turn it into a luxury holiday villa belongs to travel enthusiast and entrepreneur Felix Demin. He wanted to give new life to an abandoned plane and created a hotel inside. The minimalist design of the villa includes every comfort. There is an infinity pool and hanging gardens where guests can enjoy stunning views of the Indian Ocean.

It took the construction crew about a week to deliver the plane to its current location, in the process it had to be dismantled and rebuilt. Now the villa can be rented. It is equipped with every comfort. The seats and aircraft were dismantled in advance, the cockpit was turned into a modern bathroom with a round stone bathtub. The whole environment radiates calmness. From here there are breathtaking views of the sea and the sky.

One of the wings turned into a floating garden. The hotel has two double bedrooms, a 24-hour front desk and free self parking. The villa plane can be rented for a starting price of around $7,300 per night.

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