Kitchen bar counter: Determine the dimensions correctly

If there is not much space in the kitchen, a bar counter will help save precious centimeters. The main thing is to choose it correctly. We tell you how to do it.

A high table is an original solution not only for small rooms. It will be appropriate in a spacious room. The difference is only in the dimensions of the furniture. We will tell how to calculate the height of the bar counter from floor to countertop in a kitchen of different sizes.

Advantages and design features


  1. This is a lunch group replacement, it looks more interesting and lighter. The lighter is especially important if the room is small.
  2. In the studio apartment, there is an element of zoning: it separates the cooking area, dining room, and living room.
  3. Connected to the headset, it is an additional work surface. If there is a built-in wardrobe below, then there is also a place for storage.


  1. Firstly, rarely such products are mobile, you can’t just move them. Of course, there are sliding, and folding models. But this solution is non-standard, such furniture will have to be ordered .
  2. Secondly, a bar counter for the kitchen, the size of which can accommodate a company of five people is a rarity. At least when it comes to small rooms. Usually, comfortable seating involves three to four people maximum. Obviously not an option for fans of big noisy parties.
  3. Finally, thirdly, not everyone is comfortable sitting on a high stool. This applies to the elderly and young children under the age of 12. Will have to find an alternative. 


The bar counter can be either a separate element or part of a kitchen set. There are four types based on placement location.

  • Adjoining the wall is a typical solution for small rooms when the passage is narrow. A window sill table also belongs to this type – a good option for small kitchens, since an inactive area near the window is usually used.
  • A partition divides the space into zones: for example, they delimit the dining room, and living room in a studio apartment.
  • Separately standing. If the space allows, why not make a bar on the kitchen island? It looks especially impressive in a classic style.
  • Part of a countertop. The bar continuation of the countertop is also a great option for small rooms. Often such models are made with various shelves, stands, and other useful decorative elements.

How to choose the size of the bar counter?

There are no strict rules, the main thing is that you feel comfortable. Therefore, you should first focus on the habits and characteristics of family members. A tall person will be comfortable at a table 130 cm high, and a 110-120 cm model will suit a person of medium or small stature.

Also, consider what you will be doing: will you cook? How convenient is it to stand behind the bar in this case?


The standard height of the bar in the kitchen is 105 cm – for free-standing models; 90 cm – for those that are a continuation of the headset. However, these are conditional values, they depend on the manufacturer and functional features. 

For example, the size of a bar combined with a headset ranges from 86 cm to 90 cm. If you plan to make it to order, consider the distance from the floor to the cabinet top.

If the countertop is L-shaped, you can make the countertop multi-level with a small add-on. On the one hand, there will be a working area (86 cm), and on the other – a bar with a height of 110 cm to 115 cm.

Standing alone and adjacent to the wall, high tables are rarely below 100 cm. The most common values ​​are 120 cm and 130 cm. It is easiest to buy chairs for them.


It also depends on the features. If the bar replaces the dining table, the minimum value is 55 cm. In this case, it will not be possible to sit opposite each other, the serving will be parallel.

The depth of the tabletop per person is 40 cm, taking into account the space for common serving items, such as salad bowls, napkins, and seasonings. If you want a bar for 4 people, its width will be 70-80 cm.

The width of the bar in the kitchen in a small apartment can be 30 cm – we are talking about models built into the countertop. This is an additional work surface, it cannot replace a dining place.


There are no standards here, the sizes depend on preferences. The main rule: for a comfortable location, a person needs at least 60 cm. But they also take into account the complexion of family members. Fat people need more space; the same applies to those who like to spread their elbows wide.

When choosing the length, do not forget about the seating arrangement and the maximum number of people. The side can also be used if the width of the bar allows it. If the room is small, imagine how the bar will be located, will it interfere with movement around the room?

Focus on the parameters of the kitchen

The area is up to 10 m2

In a small kitchen, where not only ergonomics play an important role, but also the preservation of “air”, folding models of bar counters, window sills, and small tables are relevant.

For two, you can choose a table of rectangular or square shape. In the first case, the minimum size will be 100 cm x 55 cm (length and width), in the second – 75 cm x 75 cm – this is the most convenient option.

The minimum width of the countertop located along the wall is 40 cm, it still does not make sense to make it. If there is no space at all, the idea of ​​​​a stationary surface will have to be abandoned, take a closer look at the folding tables. Moreover, it can be either a classic version with a wall mount, which many stores offer, or a niche in a kitchen set. But such a product is made to order along with a headset. To make it easier to pick up chairs, make a table at a height of 86 cm to 120 cm.


If the main task is to zone the space of the combined kitchen, dining room, and living room, take a closer look at the rectangular shapes of the bar. It can be a continuation of the wall or a separate element. In both cases, its length is at least 100 cm. So it can visually separate the zones.

Big square

Furniture in a large kitchen should correspond to its parameters. Small narrow racks are simply lost here. They are rarely placed separately, often the bar becomes a continuation of the suite or part of the kitchen island. Since there is usually a dedicated dining area, the bar is a place for a quick meal. The island module can be designed for two people, and for four, its length is 120 cm and above, width – from 80 cm. If on the other hand, a working area is supposed, then at least 100 cm.

How to choose chairs?

The easiest solution is to purchase a model with an adjustable base height. All guests will appreciate it: both high and not so high.

The comfortable difference between the table and chairs is no more than 30 cm. Models with a distance from the floor to the seat of 75 cm and 85 cm are common for sale.

58 – 71 cm84 – 94 cm
74 – 81 cm104 – 109 cm
84 – 92 cm112 – 119 cm
  • If the goal is to save space, pay attention to stools. They can be placed under the table. True, the lack of a back and armrests will have to get used to.
  • Material is also an important factor influencing the choice. Acrylic and plastic models can withstand weights up to 90 kg. Steel and wood are stronger.
  • Don’t buy without a footrest at the bottom. So you can not even pay attention to products without them.
  • Upholstered chairs, although more pleasant to the touch, do not differ in durability. It all depends on how often you spend time at the bar. A cute solution to the problem of a hard seat is decorative pillows, which can be found easily.

Manufacturing materials


One of the most popular materials. The advantages: a large selection of colors, relatively low price, resistance to moisture, and high temperature. With proper care, it can last up to ten years.

When choosing furniture made of laminated chipboard, pay attention to the environmental class: E1, and E0.5 are allowed. 

A natural stone

Durable eco-friendly stone suits any style. Its only drawback is the high price. But there is an alternative – artificial stone, a significant plus: it is cheaper.


Flexible, malleable, and futuristic, acrylic will look great in modern as well as minimalist interiors. Here you can experiment with the texture of the headset: combine glossy and matte surfaces.


A fragile material that is rarely seen today. Can only be used to finish the dining area. And you need to handle it carefully. 

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