How to decorate a small bathroom: 8 fresh ideas

We have collected effective techniques for arranging bathrooms with an area in which you can not especially walk

A compact bathroom will not be inferior to a spacious one in design and functionality if it is planned correctly. How do I do this? Our quick tips and fresh solutions will help.

1. Choose a tactile finish

In a small bathroom, everything is just a stone’s throw away – literally. Therefore, in choosing tiles or paint for walls, give preference to expressive, pleasant-to-the-touch textures in order to touch them with pleasure.

2. Think about built-in storage

The high cost of an individual project of cabinets and racks for a small bathroom, in which, as expected, you need to accommodate everything at once, is more than justified. Think over an ergonomic and convenient storage system for your bathroom and live comfortably.

3. Look for compact furniture and equipment

When every centimeter counts, the process of selecting plumbing, furniture, and household appliances becomes extremely scrupulous.

But if you spend time looking for a smaller-width washing machine, a small but deep sink, or a compact laundry basket, it turns out that the bathroom is not so cramped.

4. Install the corner washbasin

And necessarily round, like in the project of Alla Polenova and Natalia Lavrik. Square and rectangular plumbing is best left for spacious bathrooms: in a small bathroom, the presence of such models is fraught with injuries and bruises on sharp corners.

5. Or console

Unlike pedestals, the washbasin on the legs is visually light and is able to create the illusion of free space. By the way, if you choose a console washbasin with a shelf, you can do without losses in functionality.

6. Choose mirrored wall cabinets

A convenient alternative to an ordinary mirror canvas. Such cabinets are not bulky, and their depth is minimal, but it is usually enough to arrange jars of cream and other trifles.

7. Hang a thick shower curtain

Ordinary oilcloth does not look the best way. But monochromatic blackout curtains or models with an interesting pattern, as in the project of Tatiana Ivanova, will only add style to a small bathroom. For greater effect, you can buy a pick-up, as in living rooms and bedrooms.

8. Choose non-standard lighting scenarios

Designers call this technique “bring down the scale.” If you supplement the ceiling spots with a low suspension somewhere from the edge, as in the project of Marina Kutuzova, the modest dimensions of the bathroom will go to the background, and an elegant faucet or an unusual washbasin will remain in focus.

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