Floating exhibition center in Norway – Salmon Eye

In Norway, the Salmon Eye forum center has opened, which can only be reached by ferry. The factory installation and exhibition space have become a landmark of the Hardangerfjord. The installation weighs 1256 tons, has a diameter of 25 meters, and is divided into four floors, one of which is underwater.

The Forum Centre will inform visitors about marine farming aquaculture, as well as what protects the sea or harms the species living in it. Upcoming events include public discussions aimed at inspiring, sharing ideas, and discussing the importance of sustainable aquaculture.

The building designed by the Danish company Kvorning Design is based on the shape of a “fisheye” with a hole in the ceiling. This floating installation resembles an ellipse from afar. Its coating is made of steel “scales”, imitating the appearance and color of the fish. The interior space has an area of 650 sq. m.

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