Wood Marsh Architecture: sculpture house in Melbourne

Wood Marsh Architecture, founded by Roger Wood and Randal Marsh, designed the Towers Road House in Melbourne, Australia.

Towers Road House is conceived as a sculpture that can be lived in: according to the common beliefs of clients and architects, contemporary art enriches life in a deep and meaningful way. Subverting the standard concept of a private home, the building features an abstract form that curves around a sloping site, referencing Christo’s 40-kilometer Running Fence in the California hills.

The dramatic curves of the front concrete wall act as a curtain, concealing the dynamic rear of the house with panoramic glazing. It also protects the living areas and bedrooms from prying eyes – all of them open onto a lush garden on the north side and are filled with light thanks to huge windows. The top of the building is a horizontal line topped by a three-dimensional hemisphere. The galvanized volume resembles an inverted roof or dome, transforming architectural traditions into sculptural elements.

The home features both a sculptural exterior and a gallery-like interior, ideal for displaying works of art. To get inside, you walk along a winding path past monumental concrete walls and informal gardens. The entrance wall is cut through by a single door that leads through a dramatic double-height corridor inside. The dark, narrow passage creates a feeling of pause before the empty interior spaces are revealed to the eye.

The interior layout combines flexible living spaces with art galleries on the first level. The circular sunken living room area acts as a cozy focal point of the home, designed for family interactions and friendly gatherings. Private spaces are located upstairs, divided into separate wings for parents and children, accessed by a curved double staircase that wraps around an exposed concrete wall. The basement provides additional space for an art gallery, wine cellar and garage.

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