How to create a unique interior in a very small apartment

We share the techniques that helped Ekaterina Shein transform her 24-square-meter studio apartment.

Designer Ekaterina Shein designed the interior of a small studio with an area of ​​24 square meters in St. Petersburg for daily rent. There are many interesting techniques here that you can repeat yourself. Let’s talk in more detail. 

Kitchen by doorway height

The designer wanted to emphasize the high ceilings in the apartment and increase the height of the opening between the hallway and the room. The kitchen set was made to order taking into account this height – they deliberately did not extend it to the ceiling. 

The kitchen is small but contains everything necessary for a comfortable short-term stay of guests. The length of the kitchen was determined by the wall bordering the bathroom. All modules are the minimum possible for technology. “The customer wanted to install a built-in mini-refrigerator, but it needed 60 cm, but we only had 50 cm. Therefore, we installed a compact refrigerator behind the facade,” says the author of the project. 

The kitchen backsplash is made of tempered glass

The kitchen apron is tempered glass, which is painted on the inside; the walls of the corridor are also painted with the same paint. A single glass sheet is easier to maintain since there are no seams between the tiles. At the same time, it looks very stylish.

Color blocking on the walls

Paintable wallpaper from the developer was left in the apartment. At the same time, zoning was done using color blocking – the wall behind the dressing table was painted in a graphite shade. 

The plastic plinth from the developer was replaced with a duropolymer plinth painted to match the color of the walls. The paint on the walls and skirting boards is Dulux Bindo 7.

Spectacular area with dressing table

A semicircular mirror with lighting was ordered along with a console, which serves as both a TV stand and a dressing or work table. Lighting creates a special atmosphere and adds decorativeness to the interior.

Black Accents

One of the features of the interior is graphic black accents. For example, they put a black stripe around the perimeter of the room; it even runs along the curtains. Black sconces were hung in the bed area and black pillows were added – they look unusual and add contrast to the interior.

Cabinets in the color of the walls

All cabinet furniture was made to order: this was necessary both in order to perfectly match the color of the furniture to the color of the walls, and in order to maintain the required dimensions. The closet in the room is divided into two parts: a niche for storing household equipment and stepladders, and a maid’s closet with a lock (a feature of apartments for rent).

In the hallway, there is a closet for storing guests’ belongings: a rod and shelves. The height was not increased to the ceiling, so the furniture looks visually lighter.

Relaxation area on the balcony

You should not use the loggia for storage. It is better to place a recreation area here – the apartment will immediately seem larger.

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