Fashionable blue bathroom design: shades, textures, and materials

The choice of finishing materials and prints determines how modern and stylish the bathroom will look. This is especially true when it comes to interiors with the addition of color. We tell you how to choose the right texture and palette for a blue bathroom.

A bathroom classic is light blue. It seems to be designed for those who do not want to take risks. To make it look fresh and fashionable, we advise you to pay attention to the finishing materials and design palette. How to choose blue tiles for the bathroom and how they can be supplemented.

Shade selection

The palette of blue is wide. Despite the apparent coldness of the shade, there are also warm options. True, it is difficult to call them pure blue, they are closer to turquoise.

The choice of shade in the design of a blue bathroom does not follow the general interior rules. For a living room or bedroom, the tone is selected depending on the level of illumination: cold in the southern rooms, and warm in the northern ones. In a city bathroom, a window is rarely found, usually, such a layout is assumed in private houses. Therefore, it is not necessary to rely on natural lighting, it simply does not exist here. You can adjust the light yourself by simply replacing the lamp.

Fashion influences the shade more strongly. In modern trends – complex tones. This is a blue-gray, dusty dirty tone of clay, mixed with yellowish or purple – in general, the shade is not pure, not obvious.

Not everyone likes these solutions. And many prefer more cheerful shades. In this case, it is better to pay attention to the design style and the selection of materials. Often designers experiment with retro style and a combination of bright colors.

Bathroom materials and finishes in blue tones

Tile is a typical material for a bathroom. But a uniform finish with one type of tile is already outdated today. To make the interior look modern, try to choose at least two types: porcelain stoneware is suitable for the floor, and wall tiles are suitable for the walls.

Don’t be afraid of prints. In the photo, the design of a blue bathroom with a similar finish looks very beautiful! It can be beautiful handmade ceramic tiles with geometric or floral patterns. Let it resemble Gzhel or Portuguese azulejo – in a modern reading, folklore motifs look spectacular.

Don’t limit yourself to tiles. One of the most relevant combinations is tile and paint. For this, moisture-resistant materials are selected, which are not afraid of splashes. The paint can also be used to finish the accent wall if you decide to highlight any zone.

More daring and not the most trivial material is wallpaper. Design options with prints, patterns, and even paintings can be a real highlight of the room. This finish is suitable only for a spacious bathroom. Even moisture-resistant materials should not be used in wet areas near the bath, shower, or toilet. The ideal place is at the entrance to the room, in extreme cases – near the sink.

Textures and combinations

There are several options for the blue scale in the bathroom. The most obvious and win-win – with white. If you want to achieve the effect of purity and freshness, feel free to use it in combination with light blue. Moreover, both colors can act both as a base and as an addition. Accordingly, the ratio will be approximately as follows: 60% basic and 30% additional. The remaining 10% are accents – it can be both other colors and textures. Light gray shades and beige also act as analogs.

More complex palettes are monochrome. They use the entire gamut within a single color ray, in our case, blue. Designing a harmonious interior in this form is not easy. And, if you are not ready to take risks, it is better to dilute the tone with neutral beige, white or gray.

Variants with dark tones are rare. Light blue in itself is an unsaturated color scheme. According to the combination of tones in brightness, it looks more harmonious with bleached colors. If the idea of ​​a dark bathroom appeals to you, look for brighter, richer blues.


The most popular accent is metal. There are two options here: warmer – brass and cold – nickel. The first looks great in a modern and neoclassical style. It makes the design warmer, and gives it softness. While nickel-plated plumbing emphasizes the coldness of the interior, its freshness.


Another texture that will soften the blue bathroom design with the addition of white. You can take both dark and light breeds. If you like nautical style, wood will help bring it to life.

This also includes rattan – no less relevant material. Baskets, flower pots, laundry bags – these accessories will bring a little tropical style.


Marble-effect porcelain stoneware is already a classic in design. It is especially good in natural colors: white, gray, and black. The first two are perfectly combined with light blue tones.

Color Embedding Options

There are three classic ways to introduce color into the interior. We have already mentioned them in passing. Let’s take a closer look at each.


If you want a real light blue bathroom, then a bright finish is your option. In this case, tiles are often selected for walls and floors in the appropriate range. You can also use accents, for example, make a blue mosaic in the bathroom.

Avoid the temptation to paint the ceiling. Only professionals work with this technique, otherwise, there is a risk of getting a low room with the effect of crowding.


This is the safest solution. You can add paint to the wall or floor, not necessarily a lot – about a third of the total volume of the room will be enough. It can be an accent wall, furniture, plumbing, or various little things like towels. It is a pair of decoration furniture that looks very impressive in this design.

At the same time, it is advisable not to “smear” the color scheme around the interior, but to make one or two large spots with additions.


For those who do not want to take risks, you can introduce paint gradually. The resulting room can hardly be called light blue, but in this way, you can understand if this color is right for you. Decor, textiles, or just sanitary ware: a bath bowl, sinks, a sink cabinet – they can create those very accent spots.

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